On the Road With Trinity Rodman, Who Won’t Travel Without a Stuffed Animal

Few people on earth travel as often as professional athletes. With On the Road, the GQ Sports Travel Questionnaire, they’re weighing in on everything from room service to flying comfortably to their favorite chain restaurants.

A brief, non-comprehensive list of places that Trinity Rodman—the youngest player to ever score two goals in a game for the US Women’s National Team—has played soccer include the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, England, and most recently, for the 2023 World Cup, Australia and New Zealand.

It’s been a life of globetrotting for the 21-year-old forward, whose status as an international figure reached new heights recently when she was named a Future Star in the video game EA Sports FC 24. With her global platform only continuing to rise—Rodman is a fairly safe bet to be on the USWNT’s roster at this summer’s Olympics in Paris—we had to ask Rodman about the places she’s been, the ones she’s hoping to check off the list, and gaming with the girls.

Are you a gamer? What is your relationship with video games?

I would say…kind of? Me and my brother [DJ, currently a member of the USC basketball team] grew up playing [EA Sports FC, then known as FIFA] against each other. He’d whoop me every time. I’m not going to claim that I’m good at it. But I’ve definitely become more of a gamer. I travel with my PlayStation! I am kind of a nerd for Fortnite. Occasionally I play 2K with my brother, but that goes horribly, so I try to stay away from that.

Being in a video game has to be a pretty wild experience. Do you remember the first time you saw yourself in video game form?

Yeah, I was actually at my brother’s house and he had played it before I did. He was like, “Dude, we gotta play!” So, we opened it and when I saw it I was like, “Oh my gosh. This is so surreal!” I still can’t really believe it, just because growing up you’d pick your team and pick players that you’ve seen on TV, and now I’m picking myself! I still feel like a kid. My brother laughs about it, because he hates giving me compliments. When we were playing together we were both kind of giggling the whole time.

I think it looks like me! They did a good job with me, to be honest. They did this whole scan, it was definitely a different experience. The graphics are so good. I love the celebrations. I love all the features. It’s sick. In terms of my style of play, I think it’s pretty spot-on too. I was joking with my mom like, Dang, they made me better in the video game than I am in real life! I gotta step my game up!

Do you ever play with your teammates? I’d love to know which soccer player is the best at soccer video games.

Honestly, I’m trying to get the girls to get into the video games, but they’re not about it! I gotta keep working on that. I finally got [USWNT captain] Lindsey Horan to get into video games, I just gotta get her on the EA FC grind I guess.

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