Nvidia’s record earnings signal potential impact on Cryptos Render and KangaMoon


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Nvidia record earnings reports could positively influence the pricing of cryptos Render and KangaMoon.

As Nvidia recently reported the company’s substantial record earnings, AI tokens like Render are poised to benefit from the success of Nvidia. Moreover, even KangaMoon which has garnered the attention of investors with its unique GameFi approach could rally further as a result of this. Let us find out more.

Nvidia’s success may boost Render Network

Among the AI tokens that have started to surge in value over the last few weeks is the Render coin. The Render coin increased by over 12% within the last 30 days as investors’ confidence returned. Also showing a similar trend is the market capitalization of Render, which is currently expected to surpass $4 billion. The next resistance level for the Render price, at $11.3, is the battle area for Render which needs to be overcome. 

Analysts predict that a market correction may occur soon, potentially impeding the upward trajectory for the Render price; they predict that the Render coin will overcome the resistance. Meanwhile, investors hoping to profit from Nvidia’s success might also diversify into the Render network as it may draw more funding as part of a larger plan to invest in GPU and AI-driven technologies because it is situated within the same technological ecosystem as Nvidia.

KangaMoon looks promising for investors

KangaMoon (KANG) stands out from the other 99% of memecoins because of the utility it offers. Moreover, users can purchase in-game items and character upgrades with this memecoin. Its emphasis on community development sets KangaMoon apart from its competitors. Prior to the official launch, community members who are actively involved are given free KANG. 

Over 32,000 registered users have already benefited from this factor and interact with the social media content of this memecoin. At a price of just $0.025, KangaMoon is presently in the bonus stage of its presale. This represents a 400% increase over its original $0.005 offering. In addition, the memecoin has already raised about $7 million in revenue, with plans to surpass $7.5 million before the end of May 2024. 

By Q2 2024, market analysts project a 100x price increase for KANG upon a Tier-1 CEX listing by BitMart. Meanwhile, both CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko have already listed the KANG token. By 2028, the P2E gaming market is projected to reach $88.6 billion, according to Yahoo Finance. 

Even if early investors only manage to secure a small portion of that market share, KangaMoon’s ability to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and gaming could result in notable returns.

KangaMoon draws attention from other crypto communities

While the prices of the holdings of other crypto communities fluctuate, KangaMoon keeps rising steadily. It is currently one of the promising memecoins to invest in since experts forecast exponential gains for the meme coin as it is poised to soar to $1, ranking high among memecoins, after it is launched on BitMart.

To learn more, visit the Kangamoon website or join their telegram community.

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