Now On Demand: Why Beneficial Relationships in the Regulatory Process Are Critical

Although growing plants is at the core of horticulture, there are many government regulations to navigate. In the latest Greenhouse Grower Executive Series conversation, Matt Mika of AmericanHort shares insights from the Impact Washington Summit and predictions for the 2023 Farm Bill. Craig Regelbrugge of AmericanHort explains the basics of the Systems Approach to Nursery Certification (SANC). Tom Demaline, President of Willoway Nurseries, offers a boots-on-the-ground perspective on building relationships with politicians and improving the plant certification process.

The Greenhouse Grower Executive Series is a thought-provoking, action-oriented conversation that brings forth the voices of the industry’s most successful and innovative growers at the executive level to discuss the top business needs for tomorrow’s greenhouse success. If you have suggestions on future Executive Series conversation topics, please let us know by commenting below!

You can watch the full presentation in the video below.

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