Notcoin and Raboo charge ahead; Solana’s recent downturn persists

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It’s the season for the newbies, and they have been phenomenal so far. Notcoin (NOT) has set and reset its ATH in the past week, and more investors are pouring into the Raboo (RABT) presale.

The total number of RABT tokens sold is currently worth over $1.5 million, and investors are primarily attracted by Raboo’s awesome ROI. One could almost argue that the old projects can’t keep up, as Solana’s decline in the past week has been noteworthy.

Notcoin is taking the market by storm

The new Telegram-linked project, Notcoin, has been on quite the run since the start of the week. Its mid-month launch was the major buzz for days, although NOT lost the spotlight to Ethereum last week.

At any rate, the Notcoin traders went straight to business on Monday, and it’s been rather solid business. Notcoin is up 150%, and the week is not even over yet. Its double-figure losses last week have not stopped anyone from the Tap-to-Earn game, and analysts are backing Notcoin for even bigger profits.

CCN analysis describes Notcoin’s pump as a five-wave pattern; the token is in its first wave. We could see some highs and lows in the next few days, but NOT’s altcoin price could get as high as $0.026 from a launch price of $0.012.

Solana (SOL) loses bullish momentum to new blood and fresh news

Solana is one of the original blockchains in the crypto-verse that have managed to keep their relevance, especially in the DeFi sector. With the recent meme coin developments, Solana has become even more relevant to contemporary crypto trading.

While all that development was enough to get SOL started in the bull run, it certainly is not enough to finish. The new tokens have been vibrant, stealing the show in the crypto-verse, and even top DeFi coins can’t stop them.

Plus, more analysts are agreeing that Solana ETFs will take a while to become a reality. JPMorgan is particularly vocal about how the SEC’s acceptance of Ethereum as a commodity is ‘stretched,’ and Ripple and Solana could be in for a long wait.

Solana slowly dipped following the speculations, as SOL bulls almost stopped pressing on for the $190 resistance level. Its altcoin price is down 1.46% on the weekly timeframes, and the Solana Open Interest is down over $300 million.

The big question is, where are Solana’s traders moving to? The answer is right here!

Raboo could be the next Pepe coin

Experts predicted a 233% spike in Raboo’s altcoin price during the presale, and RABT seems to be heading there. Its earliest investors are already up by 40%, and Raboo is all the rage in the crypto market now.

From all indications, RABT is set to have a launch to rival Pepe’s entry into the crypto-verse last year. The top meme coin recorded over 150,000% profits within two months of launch. While much of Pepe’s ROI was down to the Pepe the Frog meme movement, Raboo might be sporting a more modest launch this year.

RABT tokens are tipped to make 1000x gains once they list on top-tier exchanges like Binance. They might not match Pepe, but Raboo overcompensates for that with a detailed post-launch plan.

Unlike Pepe–and many other meme coins, Raboo is an AI-backed meme project seeking to unlock the use cases of generative AI in meme creation. The project is especially passionate about releasing only fresh, high-quality memes for entertainment, and its community will be central to its success.


Apart from community participation, Raboo intends to be relevant in the long term, so it has adopted the famous deflationary policy. Over time, about 2.5% of RABT tokens (45 million tokens) will be burned to reduce the token supply and raise the altcoin price. 

It’s going to be a lifetime of gains with Raboo, and your best chance to get in is now. The presale is in stage 3 already, and RABT tokens are worth only $0.0042.

To learn more about this project, visit the Raboo (RABT) presale website or join the community: Telegram | Twitter 

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