Nicole MacGee joins TRG as general manager

The Rubinstein Group (TRG) has appointed Nicole MacGee as its new general manager, as the agency continues to gather steam in its upwards growth trajectory.

Ms MacGee comes to the role with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, having held executive real estate roles in marketing, human resources and management at some of Sydney’s biggest agencies.

She said her role with TRG was clear.

“My clients are the salespeople and the staff within the office,” she said.

“My main focus is to keep the agents happy so that they can continue performing. 

“If they’re all doing well, then we’re all on the same trajectory as each other.”

TRG Founder Gavin Rubinstein said Ms MacGee was the perfect fit for the TRG team as it continued to grow. 

“She has 20-plus years experience and, as a business, we’re only coming up to five years old, so I think there’s a lot we can learn from her,” he said.

“There’s a lot of insight Nicole will be able to give us and a lot of support she will be able to offer.

“As we continue to go through this trajectory of growth, having people like her will be the key ingredient to ensuring we stay at the top of our game.”

Ms MacGee said she’d been in the role for about a month, the entire team had been welcoming and the high-performance energy and culture in the office was palpable.

“Everyone comes in and everyone wants to be here,” she said.

“Everyone is happy and when there’s work to do, everyone really knuckles down and does whatever is needed.”

Ms MacGee said part of her role was to ensure everything in the office, behind the scenes, ran smoothly and that included removing any obstacles that bogged the agents down.

She said being an excellent communicator was among the most important attributes she would bring to the team.

“I have been in the industry for a long time and I know a lot about the industry,” Ms MacGee said.

“I think that knowledge and expertise is definitely something that’s important coming into a role like this, where you do get asked questions about absolutely anything.

“It’s also about being a good listener and being able to understand what’s really being asked, and it’s about being a good communicator so you can relay the right responses.”

Ms MacGee is one of several females to join the TRG team recently, and Mr Rubinstein said he was pleased there was “a lot of girl power” happening at the agency and he’d like to see that grow. 

“I definitely extend an invitation to anyone looking to get into sales to give me a call… I would love to build, grow and help all sales agents, but particularly female ones, because I don’t think the industry has enough good ones,” he said. 

Ms MacGee said she had long been proud of her career in real estate and it was nice to see more women becoming involved at higher levels.

“I am proud to be in this role, with a great brand, great people and a great business that is definitely not at its peak yet,” she said.

“It’s exciting that I’ve been chosen to come on that journey with them and help them build the grand, master plan.”

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