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Discover the versatility of our Simpson Strong-Tie products as they find application in a diverse range of projects, spanning from DIY endeavors to professional-level creations. Whether you’re exploring the simplicity of a Plinko game or the intricacies of a sophisticated golf course, our products offer endless possibilities. Take inspiration from this varied assortment and unleash your creativity by showcasing how you uniquely incorporate our products into your own projects. Let the innovation begin! 

DIY Plinko Game

Plinko Game  

(Difficulty Level: Easy) 

Check out this classic Plinko game made with our innovative fasteners. Using a standard ping-pong ball, simply drop it aiming to land it in one of the slots at the bottom. This is an entertaining game that not only provides fun but also ignites lively conversations.

DIY Vanity Desk with Modern Drawer Pulls
DIY Vanity Desk with Modern Drawer Pulls

Vanity Desk with Hardware Pulls 

(Difficulty Level: Medium) 

Craft your own vanity desk featuring contemporary hardware pulls. In this project by Jaime Costiglio, the drawer pulls are custom-designed using a screw eye, washer, and Simpson Strong-Tie® bearing plate. To enhance the visual appeal, the screw eye and washer are spray-painted in a glossy aqua blue before assembly, providing a subtle yet effective contrast. This simple technique of painting the pulls adds a touch of color without overwhelming the entire desk, ensuring it remains stylish and visually pleasing.

Giant Green House
Giant Green House

Giant Greenhouse 

(Difficulty Level: Hard) 

Explore this impressive 20′ x 20′ x 18′ greenhouse crafted by Battle Build Designs and Black Label Landscape and Hardscape Contractors. Featuring a stylish barn-style roof, this custom-designed structure boasts a 10′ sliding side door and a 4′ front door, assembled using exterior-grade Strong-Drive® SDWS™ Timber screws. Notably, it includes an expansive 300+ sq. ft. chicken coop seamlessly connected to the greenhouse. Additionally, a deck extends above the chicken coop and next to the greenhouse.  

CFS Golf Display
CFS Golf Display

CFS Golf Display 

(Difficulty Level: Professional) 

Achieve a hole-in-one with this CFS golf display. It uses our Ready Products, cold-formed steel framing sections and anchoring solutions. This miniature golf hole was built for a customer golf event, offering a unique and functional addition to the experience. What a great way to display our products and have fun at the same time!  

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