Naomi Campbell Lip Syncs Charli XCX's "360" In London's Tube

Charli XCX’s sixth studio album Brat is at the tip of everyone’s tongues. Even Naomi Campbell’s. The supdermodel broke her own protocol to lip sync the artist’s hit song “360” while riding in the London underground.

Campbell, who once wore a literal hazmat suit during a flight, wasn’t just riding the Tube, as Brits call it, on a whim. She actually teamed up with a TikTok creator known as the Tube Girl (real name: Sabrina Bahsoon) to mouth the chorus of XCX’s single “360” while traveling below ground. The collaboration later turned out to be part of promotion for Campbell’s upcoming exhibition at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

Bahsoon starts off the video seated before reciting the words “Drop down, yeah/Lookin’ like an icon/Work angles, yeah.” She then pans over to Campbell—outfitted in a leather coat, jeans, and sneakers while flanked by what appeared to be her bodyguard—who begins spitting out lyrics while striking a pose worthy of the Milan runways. After lipping the words “When you’re in the mirror, do you like what you see? When you’re in the mirror, you’re just looking at me” Campbell and Bahsoon then unite together on camera for the final portion of the TikTok.

“Iconic behaviour if you ask me (we travelled all the way down to her ends!!Brixton!!)” Bahsoon captioned the video. Campbell also shared the TikTok across her social media platforms, writing “What a fun afternoon going back to my roots and visiting my hometown of Brixton with Sabrina Bahsoon on the Victoria line in preparation for my upcoming exhibition at the [Victoria and Albert Museum.]”

Commenters, naturally, were quick to marvel at the sight of Campbell on public transportation. “Why is no one on the tube freaking out at THE naomi campbell,” one questioned. “Naomi giving face in every frame,” another pointed out. Charli seemed surprised, too, simply writing “OMGGGGG” in the comment section.

The video also gained lots of attention over on X. “Naomi gotta wipe down her business class seat on every flight but she can firm the jubilee line tube air,” one user said. Another joked “Ain’t no way Miss Naomi Campbell, who sanitises and masks for private jet flights has got on the [public] [Victoria] line touching those poles and breathing THAT air.”

Well, call it the XCX effect.

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