Minnesota Vikings rookie Jordan Addison caught doing 140 in a 55 for a 'dog emergency'

At the end of April, NFL teams spent three days picking new players from the 2023 draft class. With the 23rd pick in the first of three rounds, the Minnesota Vikings chose a 21-year-old wide receiver named Jordan Addison, who came out of the University of Southern California. The season hasn’t started yet — training camp began two days ago — and Addison has already had to publicly apologize to his new city. Two days before camp began, ESPN reported a Minnesota State Patrol officer caught Addison doing 140 miles per hour in a Lamborghini Urus at 3:07 in the morning. The speed limit on that stretch of I-94 in St. Paul, a mile from downtown, is 55 mph. 

The way a different ESPN report is written, it sounds like there were two troopers involved. Allegedly, “Addison first slowed down when he saw police lights from another trooper who was pulled over on the right shoulder of the road,” and the second trooper made the stop, pulling the footballer over without incident. According to the misdemeanor citation issued for speeding and reckless driving, Addison “stated his dog was having an emergency at his residence and that was the reason for his speed.”

The ticket didn’t go into details about the dog or the emergency. Addison has posed with his Urus before on Instagram, while the only dog in his feed at the moment is the little guy in the last photo, which appears to be, best guess, a French bulldog. No one else was involved. We hope the dog’s OK.

The next day, the rookie Viking issued the statement, “Yesterday morning I made a mistake and used poor judgment. I recognize and own that … I am going to learn from this and not repeat the behavior. I am truly sorry.”

The Minnesota Vikings are aware of the incident and “gathering additional information.” Drivers in the Minnesota caught doing more than 100 mph can have their licenses revoked, but It’s not clear if the matter will go any further with the organization or the police.  

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