A new sculpture by California-based Japanese-American artist Mineo Mizuno is now on view at The Huntington in San Marino, California. “Homage to Nature” (2024) was crafted from fallen timber gathered by the artist in the forests of the Sierra Nevada, where he lives and works. This monumental work celebrates the beauty of wood in its natural state and emphasizes its potential as a reusable and renewable resource, particularly through its relationship with fire.

Using yakisugi (shou sugi), a traditional Japanese method of wood preservation known in the West as burnt timber cladding, the charred surfaces of the reclaimed timber in the sculpture are intended to speak not only to fire’s destructive power but also to its ability to reinvigorate the land. As a companion and response to the sculpture, a “fire landscape” has been planted at The Huntington near “Homage to Nature” to mimic new growth that occurs naturally after a fire.

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