Michael B. Jordan Opens Up About Finding His Wellness Edge

As you know, resources throughout the world are changing, and our world is changing—our agriculture, our produce, and our industries are evolving, and I think we really have to pay attention to what’s put in our bodies. Like you said, your mom’s been doing it; that’s generational. I’m pretty sure your grandmother, your grandfather, or somebody taught her how to do it, or her aunts, her cousins, and these are things that’ve been passed down from generation to generation for years, centuries.

Sea moss has been around. Looking back to the planet and to the earth for ways to keep us healthy, it’s really important. As a way to blend both worlds together, something that’s easy and accessible, but also really good for you. I think those outliers exist, and I wanted this one to be a part of that. I felt this was one of those things.

Respect. That’s important. I do think there’s a lot, especially within the Black community, where we have this innate knowledge, but we don’t put it out in a product. Entrepreneurship is important. But past entrepreneurship, it seems like you’re doing a lot of social good and philanthropic work. I’d love for you to talk about the community and philanthropic efforts you’re doing through Moss, if you want to give some light to that.

Honestly, when you’re doing anything with the ocean and the environment, you want to make sure you’re paying respect, and you’re giving back to that. Whatever we can do to help in the global effort to clean up our oceans is extremely important. It affects so many people around the world. We gotta take responsibility for the planet that we live on. Trying to live up to the Oceanic Global Blue Standard is really, really important to us. Our product definitely checks that box. And Pacific Town Club and Tea Party 4 Black Girls to start with a few, we’ve already committed to giving back $25,000 to those organizations.

For any product or any brand that I deal with, there’s always a community give-back element to it. These brands benefit so much from our communities and our culture. There’s gotta be a mandatory pitch back into those same communities in a real way, and sometimes that comes in the form of writing the checks, sometimes that comes in the form of having brick and mortar and leave-behinds in these communities.

When that campaign is over, and the advertising is done, that community still has something to hang their hat on; that they have something that they can go back to, and they’re getting more educated, they’re getting more access moving forward, as best they can. Those are things that I’ve realized as I’ve started to work with brands at an earlier age, and as I’ve gotten more successful and had more leverage, I can kinda demand and ask for these things.

So, of course, when a product is mine and if the brand is mine, I’m making sure that I go back and do as much as I can to replenish those waters and replenish those communities that help support the brand.

Love that. Real quick to close. I’ve seen you mention it, but nobody really asks you about it. Why is your meditation and mindfulness practice so important to you?

Because it all starts with your mind, it all starts with your thoughts. And if you don’t have a clear mind, you can’t have clear thoughts. You can’t make clear decisions. Nobody wants to make bad decisions, you know? I think meditation and starting with your peace allows you to be the best version of yourself moving forward. When the world’s going to throw a bunch of things at you, you’re not always going to be happy, you know? You have obstacles thrown your way, and you want to be able to think clearly and not emotionally sometimes.

Getting your mind right, sitting still, breathing, clearing your mind of all the distractions that we run across daily, from our phones, from the TV to our music to our entertainment, we’re constantly being fed things all the time. To get a nice little clean slate and reset your brain, I think is super important to your overall health, your mental health. It’s important, man.

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