Meme coin fever takes over, DigiToads’ P2E model draws bulls


There has been a notable recovery in the crypto market in 2023, with new projects being launched and some tokens gaining popularity among users due to their unique utilities and economic models.

An upcoming project, DigiToads, has a loyal following due to its play-to-earn (P2E) gaming ecosystem that rewards activity. 

The DigiToads presale has raised over $6.57 million so far, and the TOADS, its native token, is considered a top coin for investors to diversify their portfolios with.

DigiToads play-to-earn model gets rave reviews

TOADS is used to transact and issue rewards to users. Investors can buy the token at low prices in the ongoing presale. Analysts are confident the token can grow over the long term. A burn mechanism has been put in place to maintain its deflationary nature. 

The DigiToads gaming model allows users to breed unique characters represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Players can purchase items to increase the strength of their DigiToad army and compete in a metaverse swamp for rewards.

50% of item sales funds will reward the top 25% of players, with an additional 10% of rewards going to token holders who hold for the long term. 

Users can also stake their NFTs to earn rewards, with a staking pool collecting 2% of all transactions. 

The broader crypto community is confident in what the ecosystem offers, and more investors are exploring the project.

Defi users can benefit from DigiToads model

TOADS is a medium of transaction and rewards for users in DigiToads. The TOADS token is currently on presale. A burn mechanism is in place to keep it a deflationary asset. 

Users can breed unique characters, represented through NFTs, and purchase items to increase their strength in battles. 

50% of funds from item sales go towards rewards for the top 25% of players, and 10% of rewards are given to all token holders. 

Moreover, the gaming community supports DigiToads.

Users can also stake their NFTs to earn rewards through a 2% transaction cost collection. 

DigiToads has a praised passive income model for potentially big rewards over time.


In prevailing market conditions, TOADS is a top coin to consider. In the ongoing presale, users can buy TOADS at a discount and hold, aiming to benefit from the meme coin fever. Besides, the play-to-earn ecosystem is a big draw for DigiToads. It will likely go a long way in developing user trust.

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