Meet Chunk: Nugget’s clever new kids’ ottoman that’s about to be everywhere

Okay Nugget fans, I’ve got some major news! The geniuses behind the iconic modular play couch that basically launched an entire category of kid furniture? Today they’ve gone and dropped their first ever new product–the adorably-named Chunk!

What exactly is the Chunk, you ask? Only the coolest little ottoman ever. (And no, they didn’t just shrink it down and make it soft. Instead, they rethought the humble ottoman entirely.) Like its famous older sibling, it’s part place to relax and snuggle, part playtime powerhouse.

Meet the Nugget Chunk

Comprised of four sturdy foam pieces (a pad, a hoop and two pucks), The Chunk is a delightfully versatile, compact cutie which can be configured into a kid-sized table, chair, toy box and more…all rolled into one nest-able, lightweight, easy-to-move-around package. (A simple beanbag chair could never.) Each of the pieces can be used independently and when you need to take back your living room? No problem. Just stash the smaller ones neatly inside!

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I can already picture the endless scenarios: a cozy reading nook one moment, an artist’s studio the next, and a rousing game of The Floor is Lava after that. The versatile play possibilities are legitimately endless–and as ripe for sibling interaction as they are solo.

But here’s the really fun part–the Chunk is literally made to be the ultimate Nugget couch sidekick. The colors and dimensions complement that OG foam fave perfectly for double the creative play opportunities. (Although tbh, it also makes an amazing starter piece for Nugget newbies.) And like the Nugget, all of the covers are removable and blessedly, machine-washable.

How much does the Nugget Chunk cost?

Ideal for fitting more fun into less space without sacrificing style, and with a choice of 10 vibrant colorways that range from sophisticated neutrals to punchy brights, this cute-yet-functional piece truly delivers. Currently, Chunk is going for a special intro price of $179-$199 through May depending on your fabric pick. Come June 1st, it’ll bump up to $199-$219–so if you’re already imagining the open-ended adventures your little ones will be getting into, you’ll want to add to cart ASAP!

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Courtesy of Nugget

We’re calling it now–the Chunk is going to be popping up all over Instagram, playrooms, and maybe even offices (because adulthood) faster than you can say “Nugget built an empire on rethinking furniture.” This portable playtime companion is about to be the hottest thing since…well, the Nugget itself! So get ready to see kids (and adults, let’s be honest) get their build, compete, chill and imagine on with everyone’s new favorite crash pad.

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