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Making the Time to Build Your Side Hustle

Fifty percent of Gen Zs want to ditch the corporate world to become their own boss. However, this can be challenging when you lack the funds and flexibility to leave your day job. As a result, many ambitious young people begin by balancing full-time work with a side hustle — but managing both commitments can be challenging. You might feel drained after work or find it difficult to be consistent. The key is to commit to your side hustle one hour a week, push through the first 10-15 minutes, and make sure it feels enjoyable.

The dream of transforming a passion into a profitable business resonates with people of every generation, but especially those of us newest to the workforce. Disillusioned by the corporate world and driven by a desire to craft a career that aligns with our values, a whopping 50% of Gen Z aspire to become our own boss. Turning this dream into a reality, however, is complicated.

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