Lorde Squashes Charli XCX Feud Rumors In a Sheer Top & Party Mini Skirt

There’s no other way to describe Lorde and Charli XCX’s relationship than “Girl, so confusing.” Last night, Lorde joined the likes of Julia Fox, Lily Allen, and the newly-engaged Matty Healy and Gabriette to attend Charli’s Brooklyn, New York concert—just days after Charli seemingly detailed their complicated relationship on her new album Brat, that is.

Lorde documented her attendance by way of Instagram story taken in the car, sharing a photo of her shielded face hand which she wrote “A brat” on top of. The Solar Power singer sported a sheer long-sleeve top that featured black velour cut-outs imitating the shape of a corset. She paired her lingerie top with a nylon micro-mini skirt and tousled curls that bore a striking resemblance to Charli’s signature ‘do. In “Girl, so confusing” Charli croons about an artist who “People say we’re alike/They say we’ve got the same hair.” They really do, in fact, have the same hair.

Charli’s sixth studio album Brat has sent large swathes of the Internet into a frenzy. The track “Girl, so confusing,” in particular, sees Charli sing about her nuance relationship with someone in the industry—fans, largely, have decided she’s referencing Lorde. Charli sings, “I don’t know if you like me/Sometimes I think you might hate me/Sometimes I think I might hate you/Maybe you just wanna be me.” She continues, “Sometimes it feels a bit awkward/Cause we don’t have much in common.”

In May, Charli opened up about her insecurities over Lorde’s success. “When ‘Royals’ came out, I was super jealous of the success that that song got, and that Ella got,” she said. “You piece all this stuff together in your brain, like: ‘She was into my music. She had big hair; I had big hair. She wore black lipstick; I once wore black lipstick.’ You create these parallels and think, ‘Well, that could have been me.’ But it couldn’t have because we’re completely different people. I wasn’t making music that sounded anything like ‘Royals’. I think you just read what you want into it because you’re feeling insecure about your own work.”

Lorde, for her part, seems to be unfazed by the chatter from Charli, the Internet, and otherwise. In addition to showing support for Charli’s New York performance, the singer also shared a message of support upon Brat’s release last week. “The only album I’ve ever pre-saved is out today…Charli just cooked this one different,” she wrote on her Instagram. “So much grit, grace and skin in the game. I speak for all of us when I say it’s an honour to be moved, changed and gagged by her work. There is NO ONE like this bitch.”

“Think you should come to my party, and put your hands up,” Charli sings on the track. Lorde definitely did.

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