Linda Evangelista shares why she’s no longer into dating: ‘I don’t want to hear somebody breathing’

Ever since revealing that she’d stepped away from her modeling career due to a cosmetic procedure that left her “brutally disfigured” in 2015, Linda Evangelista has received a warm welcome back into the spotlight. Now, the supermodel is getting candid about why she hasn’t dated in years, and her reason is so iconic, the internet is cheering at her response.

In a Nov. 26 interview with the U.K.’s Sunday Times, Evangelista said she is simply “not interested” in dating these days, telling the outlet exactly why she doesn’t want a man in her bed right now.

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“I don’t want to sleep with anybody anymore,” she told the outlet. “I don’t want to hear somebody breathing.”

Her admission is beyond relatable, so it’s no surprise why it quickly went viral for being a top-tier headline pull quote. When shared to People’s Instagram page, followers showered the 58-year-old with praise for her unbridled honesty. One person called it “men-a-pause,” while another said: “My dream is to marry a man who lives down the street.” Yet another wrote: “We are allllllll feeling this and you are lying if you are not.”

Writer and podcast host Evan Ross Katz immediately placed it in the “Mount Rushmore of headlines” next to three equally hilarious viral quotes from recent years. There’s the 2016 gem “Whoopi Goldberg’s Thoughts on Marriage: ‘I Don’t Want Somebody in My House,’” the 2019 fan favorite “Kim Cattrall: ‘I don’t want to be in a situation for even an hour where I’m not enjoying myself,’” and 2021’s instant classic “Gaby Hoffmann: ‘I really love my job, but I don’t want to do it that often.’”

Props to Evangelista — as well as Goldberg, Cattrall, Hoffmann, and any other woman who is out here keeping it 100 percent real — for doing things on her own terms despite societal norms and stigma. More of this, please! 

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