Lila Moss Pays Homage To Kate Moss' ’90s Model Off-Duty Style

Lila Moss has re-created several of Kate Moss’s most famous fashion moments over the years—from that iconic sheer slip to leggy blazer dresses—but last night, the new gen model channeled her mom’s signature brand of minimal ’90s chic for a night out. Lila ditched the showy dresses for something a little more pared-back: a monochrome tank top and skinny jeans to attend a YSL Beauty event in New York City.

Kate’s daughter has never shied away from sheer, and fittingly, her plunging sleeveless top was designed in a gauzy, transparent fabric. The detail flashed a portion of the model’s midsection and also happened to reveal a tiny sliver of the black bra she layered underneath. Flashing your undergarments at industry events must run rampant in the Moss gene pool.

If the stringy silhouette of her tank wasn’t enough, Lila next slipped into a pair of black straight-leg jeans that she topped off with a gold-accented belt. No, they weren’t the second-skin styles of the ’90s or early aughts, but even Kate herself has recently championed a similar, skinnier silhouette. Lila opted for a pair of simple black stilettos and rounded out her look with natural glam and a tousled hairstyle à la Kate.

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The strap of the model’s bra poked out from the side of her tank. A more refined take on the current explosion of exposed bras, yes, but also very ’90s chic.

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Kate definitely would’ve gravitated toward something like Lila’s latest look during the height of her modeling days. Just look at her mid-’90s travel uniform.

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With the Kate Moss as your mom, it’s no surprise that Lila seems to be a well-informed graduate of this particular school of dressing. Although the iconic super’s style has a very distinct look to it, truly, her off-duty outfits are rather simple to achieve—muted colors, a skinny jean here, a sheer or stomach-baring tank top. There’s something to be said for taking risks, but there’s also power in remaining true to what simply works. And this Moss brand of model off-duty dressing is definitely working.

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