Liam Hemsworth plans $14 million mansion near Byron Bay

Liam Hemsworth, known for his roles in Hollywood blockbusters, has recently unveiled plans for a luxurious $14.6 million home near the picturesque Byron Bay.

This ambitious project has been presented to the planning department of the Ballina Shire council for their consideration, according to the Herald Sun.

The proposed residence, situated in the serene town of Newrybar, is designed to nestle into the landscape, offering expansive views across Seven Mile Beach and the vast Pacific Ocean.

The project, conceived by the renowned Melbourne-based SSdh architecture firm, promises an array of impressive features.

Among these are a large swimming pool, a dedicated workout lawn, a spacious garden courtyard, an engaging rumpus room, and five well-appointed bedrooms.

Plans for Liam Hemsworth’s mansion. Photo: Herald Sun.

The design leverages the natural slope of the land, integrating the building into its environment to maintain a low profile from various vantage points.

The detailed planning report highlights the home’s thoughtful layout, with both floors partially submerged into the terrain to minimise visual impact.

The upper level is planned to include three bedrooms, each with its own ensuite, alongside communal areas like a kitchen, living and dining spaces, and outdoor terraces.

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Plans for Liam Hemsworth’s mansion. Photo: Herald Sun.

The lower floor is set to feature two additional bedrooms, a gym, a comfortable sitting area, and utility spaces.

SSdh’s designs illustrate a structure composed of three primary sections, each tailored to the contour of the site, alongside a terrace pool area.

A significant emphasis on landscaping aims to blend the property into its surroundings, with a vegetated roof across the main sections of the home enhancing its ecological footprint.

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Liam Hemsworth. Photo: Instagram

The property will be accessed via an existing driveway from Old Byron Bay Rd.

Detailed costings reveal luxurious touches, including a $315,000 swimming pool and a $74,000 fireplace, ensuring comfort for Hemsworth and his partner, Gabriella Brooks, throughout the cooler seasons.

This development follows the trend of the Hemsworth family establishing roots in the Byron Bay area, with Liam’s brothers Chris and Luke already owning significant properties in the region.

Liam Hemsworth, initially rising to fame through the Australian soap Neighbours, has since achieved international success, notably in The Hunger Games series.

In 2024, he is set to appear in Land of Bad, starring alongside Australian film legend Russell Crowe.

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