Kylie Jenner's Mob Wife Look Involves No Pants and a Very Trendy Shoe

As much traction as micro trends make amongst certain crowds, online or otherwise, their true staying power often comes down to the powerful co-sign of a few major fashion girls. There’s Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski and, of course, Kylie Jenner who just so happened to subscribe to the Mob Wife aesthetic on Thursday.

In a series of snaps shared to her Instagram story, a pantsless Jenner posed in full look from N21’s pre-fall 2024 collection—an oversized faux fur coat that she matched with cherry red sling back heels (this particular shade is also very, very popular amongst stars right now—more on that later). Jenner’s version of the Mob Wife aesthetic isn’t entirely complicated. Especially when compared with other takes we’ve seen from the likes of Ratajkowski—who matched a skin-tight leopard skirt with an exposed Gucci thong—Jenner seemed to simply pop on a statement faux fur and call it a day.

The more toned-down take does track within Jenner’s current style leanings, though. After weathering a brief “Quiet Luxury” phase, like many a fashion girl this past summer, Jenner seems to have maintained the style’s “less is more” approach. And yes, she could have simply just enjoyed bundling up in this coat, perhaps nothing (aside from gaudy gold jewels or teased out hair) embodies the Mob Wife look more than a dramatic faux fur.

Now, you wouldn’t expect Jenner to just indulge in one trend, right? As far as we can see, the reality star participated in about three more fads with the rest of her look. The main, and hardest to miss, being her cherry red shoes.

Jenner has been on a bit of streak this week with this particular color—having worn a monochrome look to the Jacquemus runway presentation before switching into another red outfit that also possessed some Mob connections. Earlier this week, both Emma Stone and Hailey Bieber stepped out in the same fire-colored loafers from The Row, so clearly the shade is something to keep an eye on. Unlike her more match-heavy moments, Jenner’s N21 pair brought an unexpected splash to the otherwise muted color palette of the look.

Elsewhere, one could consider Jenner’s eye frames to be a loose interpretation of the “Bayonetta” trend while her choice of sheer tights continued her years-long fascination with turning hosiery into outerwear. Time will tell if Jenner continues to explore the Mob Wife trend, but judging by her latest look, she has plenty of just as trendy fads to fall back on if she decides otherwise.

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