Kylie Jenner Channels a Mob Wife Working on Her Fitness in Fur Coat and No Shirt

While most fashion girls are leaning towards pink and red for Valentine’s Day, Kylie Jenner is busy sprinkling a bit of the Mob Wife aesthetic into her holiday look. The star took to Instagram to share her V-Day outfit that, interestingly, falls somewhere between Carmela Soprano-lite, some sort of reworked Indie Sleaze and…a retro Gym Bro?

Jenner based her look around a huge two-toned furry coat. She styled the piece sans shirt, opting to flash a bit of her toned midsection as she posed for photos. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to see a celebrity in a fur, any fur, and not instantly peg them with the Mob Wife moniker—but Jenner’s oversized outerwear definitely fits well within the “more is more” feel of the aesthetic.

If one trend wasn’t enough, Jenner appeared to have about three more (that we can count) within the rest of her look. Her clear-framed glasses seemed derivative of the Bella Hadid-approved “Bayonetta Glasses” look while her low-rise jeans and tousled hair were reminiscent of some major Indie Sleaze. Jenner did, however, style her look with one curveball accessory that we’re not sure has been ascribed a name yet.

The model slung a vintage Nike gym bag, complete with red and navy detailing, over her shoulder in a move that recalls a Mob Wife after Jazzercise class. Don’t be shocked if you see fashion girls trotting out their boyfriend’s athletic bags in the coming days.

Her duffel bag provided a sportier edge to the look, yes, especially when contrasted with something like her pointed-toe black heels. Jenner has always been one to offer up her own versions of fashion trends, and it looks as though she’s quite enjoying toying around with TikTok’s current favorite aesthetic.

Earlier this month, Jenner pulled out another statement faux fur (by Italian brand N21) that she paired with no pants, sheer tights, and cherry red shoes. While other Mob Wives have abided by a sort of formula—usually, gaudy gold jewelry and teased hair—Jenner is taking a different approach. There’s definitely some major fur in her looks, but you’re just as likely to find and unexpected accessory—like, say, a statement sling-back shoe or in this case, a nylon carryall.

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