Kolmeo’s new workflow checklists to help save time and money

Property management software provider Kolmeo has launched its latest innovative feature – workflow checklists.

The workflow checklists feature enables property managers to elevate their everyday task management by automatically embedding templated checklists into every task.

Kolmeo Chief Customer Officer Eloise Wall said the comprehensive and standardised processes would provide PM teams a better user experience, offer new levels of efficiency, streamline daily workflows and create greater transparency.

“At the heart of what Kolmeo wants to do is keep things really simple and have one tool that just does the job properly,” she said.

Ms Wall said with workflow checklists, PM teams could mark tasks as ‘done’ and track the progress of tasks with time stamps on each action.

The checklists also allow greater collaboration, accountability and transparency throughout the PM team.

Kolmeo has introduced workflow checklists to its property management software.

Ms Wall said the workflow checklists were customisable for each customer, with each PM team able to establish their own template of workflows and processes. 

“Our workflow checklists feature revolutionises how property managers organise and handle requests,” she said.

“With a step-by-step guide integrated into every task, team members no longer need to memorise every part of the business process or refer to printed manuals or third-party workflow tools.”

Training new team members will also become easier, with teams able to simplify the onboarding process.

The checklists also act as a how-to guide for new team members to complete work without the need to refer to hardcopy documents or interrupt team members to ask questions.

“You don’t have to get out a folder to have a look, or worry about whether that is out of date, isn’t kept in-sync or whether you’re working off the wrong version,” Ms Wall said.

“For those new to the industry or from a different agency, this helps speed up their onboarding to your business, reducing the costs when hiring new employees.”

Ms Wall said the checklists feature would work best for the PM teams that really put the effort into building a detailed template to input into the checklists.

“It’s going to be most effective for the teams that have spent that time to really think about their tasks and get that really succinct and clean list of duties,” she said.

Ms Wall said the new checklists feature was currently being rolled out to all existing customers, and all new Kolmeo customers would automatically receive the new workflow checklists feature.

“Workflow checklists bring even more functionality into the way Kolmeo enables every part of the property management process,” she said.

“Combined with enhanced communication tools, like seamlessly sending SMS and emails, and merging and dispatching letters and forms, workflow checklists give Kolmeo customers another advantage.”

Demos of the new workflow checklists can be booked with the Kolmeo team.

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