Kiernan Shipka Takes Paris In No Pants, Some Teased Hair, and Sky-High Heels

There’s no denying that the naked look has dominated Paris Fashion Week thus far, whether it be Saint Laurent designer Anthony Vaccarello’s gauzy lingerie dresses or celebrity guests’ preference for, well, anything and everything sheer. Much like the red carpet recently, it seems that A-listers are taking to the act of sitting on the front row through a “less is more” approach. Today, Kiernan Shipka continued the industry’s skin-baring push by wearing nothing but a pair of knitted briefs and a matching cardigan to Chloé’s fall 2024 runway show.

Now, for most, showing up anywhere in just some scanty underwear is probably a nightmare come true—but, for Shipka and about every other fashion girl nowadays, the look has become as commonplace as actually wearing pants. The actress paired her high-waisted briefs with a longline cardigan complete with statement gold buttons—fittingly, she flashed even more skin by leaving the bottom half of her sweater completely open. Pantsless trend aside, the rest of her outfit (much like designer Chemena Kamali’s ’70s-influenced Chloé show) had some major retro influences mixed in.

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Shipka styled her coordinating knit pieces with cat-eye black frames and some teased-out, crimped hair for good measure. Like Sienna Miller, who was Shipka’s very Boho chic seat-mate during the runway show, the actress slipped into towering sandal heels and sported a black and gold mini bag. Shipka was also seated next to Georgia May Jagger and Jerry Hall who, instead of a no pants look, both opted for buttery outerwear moments.

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Fashion Week is always prime time for the underwear-as-outerwear look to really flourish. Last season, Cara Delevingne offered a Rock and Roll twist on Miu Miu briefs while Hailey Bieber layered some tighty whities with a glossy trench. And it seems the look is going absolutely no where anytime soon—over the past few days, undergarment-first outfits have come from the likes of Freya Allan, Olivia Wilde, and now, Shipka’s retro, cool girl twist.

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