June 2024 Horoscope: The 8 Signs Facing Changes With the Gemini New Moon

As we approach the new moon in Gemini on June 6, we prepare to embark on a journey of new possibilities. New moons, always a great time to hit refresh on your life, are particularly associated with new beginnings, fresh starts, and embarking on new projects. This celestial event, which occurs each month, invites you to step into something new—something you might not have even consciously known you were seeking. There is a sense of optimism that comes with the potential of new moons, a feeling we all need to embrace more often! This upcoming new moon, one of the luckiest of the year, is a call to action, inspiring us to embrace the positivity it’ll bring.

The new moon this time is in Gemini, and comes with the third sign of the zodiac’s classic themes. Gemini rules over communication and intellect. During this season, feeling a bit buzzy and scattered is normal. Many tend to think of new ways to understand the world, socialize with others, and learn about new topics. This influx of information can be overwhelming if you are used to sticking to what you know and not pushing against the status quo. However, the spirit of this new moon is to embrace this energy and find ways to start new endeavors.

Gemini is a lot like the Greek god Hermes. The messenger is constantly going from person to person and place to place, sharing what they have learned to help encourage a better sense of open-mindedness. Gemini is the twin, so you can expect that taking sides or seeing things as black and white isn’t the best way to approach this period. The new moon in Gemini urges you to accept and embrace your own duality. This is a powerful lesson, because it reminds you that you can always branch out beyond the usual path.

The beauty of this new moon is the abundance of connections to Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter. We have five planets in the sign of Gemini at the time of the new moon, presenting myriad pathways. Venus and Jupiter bring with them easygoing and joyful vibes—so you can expect your direction to be positive. Though Venus and Jupiter come with joy, they can also feel comfortable in complacency. Therefore, as you manifest, ensure you stick to the plan you are creating for yourself. With the assistance of Mercury, keeping a written log of what you want to accomplish will be one of the best ways to keep yourself accountable.

Ensure you don’t let the potential slip through your fingers. With a tense aspect from Saturn, this new moon might feel like too much possibility for you. However, Gemini is also the ruler of small details, so take your plan in bite-sized chunks to make sure you aren’t overwhelming your system.

As always, read your rising sign for the most accurate interpretation of this horoscope. Happy new moon and happy pride!


I know you’re all about diving headfirst into new projects, but let’s take a moment to sketch out a game plan this time. You’ll find inspiration buzzing from your local surroundings, siblings, and social circles. Use this energy to rewire your mind and better harness that trademark Aries momentum. This new moon is a brain boost, sparking your mental stimulation and social perception. It’s a fantastic time to see the world through fresh eyes and explore new ways to navigate your path. Instead of charging full speed ahead, take a step back and consider your route. You’ll discover that a little strategy can go a long way in achieving your goals. Get ready to embrace the new and plan your next big adventure with all the enthusiasm for which you’re known.


This new moon will allow you to refresh your world of security and values—whether that’s your material possessions or your sense of self-worth. Take this opportunity to explore new ways to earn money and maybe declutter some of your hoarded treasures to make space for new ones—because goodies are coming. Be open to changing what you hold onto, not because the old stuff is terrible, but because you might surprise yourself with something even better. Also, take a good look at your budget. Knowing where your money is coming from and where it’s going will help put the cherry on top of your beautiful material gains.


The new moon is about you and the next chapter of your identity. You might find that, in the days surrounding the new moon, you are learning new things about yourself based on the information you consume. Let yourself share these discoveries over time. You might have to re-introduce yourself to some people in your life, but that’s okay because growth will happen, and when we grow, we naturally change. One of the significant facets of this new moon is making sure that your perception of yourself is correct. Who are you when you look in the mirror, have a conversation with yourself, and are out with friends and family? Do these variations of your identity align? If not, how can you find better synchronicity and share your new self with the world around you?


With the new moon in Gemini, you can expect solid dreams and revelations about your inner psyche. You might find it beneficial to confide in a close friend, family member, or even a professional to help you navigate this new understanding of what makes you tick. You will probably feel a bit slower than the rest of the world around you, so rather than overwhelming yourself with trying to keep the pace of everyone else, go at your own speed. Be on the lookout for secrets rising to the surface, whether your own or those of the people you hold close. The new moon is ushering in a new era of communicating your emotions with spirit, so lean into any reflective practices and use them as the baseline for how you choose to share your story.


The new moon steps in to help you look out on the horizon and plan for the next significant chapter of your life. With the opportunity to prepare for how you want your future to look, take some time to first reflect on how your world looks now. What are you currently striving toward? What does your community and social life look like? If there are any pivots you need to make, now is the time to correct the course as you consider where you are heading next. With such a focus on the big picture, make sure to be reminded of who is on your journey with you. Your community is one of the most significant factors for change right now—so make sure you are surrounded by individuals who aspire to achieve the same level of success as you do. You will learn a lot right now by listening to others.


Your time to shine is almost here, Virgo. With so much change and development happening in recent times, you finally get the chance to step up to the plate. Right now is the moment for you to assess your professional reputation. Consider the mark you want to leave on the world and how you plan to make that happen. You might find it overwhelming to pick one pathway or singular lens through which you want to examine this change. Do not limit yourself during this time. The duality of Gemini will bring you the most potential with this new moon. Your power comes from your ability to plan, and though the plan is necessary right now, you will need to let yourself pivot as new pathways open up to you.


In many ways, you might be questioning much of your world right now. You may feel disconnected from yourself and even confused about where you fit in the grand scheme of things. The new moon will help you open your mind and assess life’s meaning—and your purpose here. It would be best if you didn’t wait for the answers to come to you, however. Let yourself be curious about the questions you have right now. Start small as you slowly place the puzzle pieces together. Collaboration is the key to any air sign transit, and as an air sign yourself, you appreciate the flowy nature of a Gemini new moon. There are no dumb questions; thankfully, waves of new information are coming your way to help you better analyze who you are and where you belong.


How you deal with your shared resources and intimacy is changing right now! Vulnerability can be tricky, especially for someone who prefers to keep the walls up. Sharing is caring, as cliché as it may be, so what facets of yourself do you need to be more willing to share? Right now is the best time to make plans that provide more security for yourself and those you love. Whether that means planning conversations about what has been bothering you or even how you need to be better with joint financial endeavors, you shouldn’t let fear of what could happen stop you from exploring what needs to be done. So engage in healthy conversations that will help you drop the anxiety that might be holding you in a stagnant place.


New relationships have been a big theme for you recently, and that doesn’t change with this new moon. Whether you’re looking for love, a business partner, or even to breathe new life into your current connections, you can make that happen with this new moon. You might find, however, that to bring in new relationships, you have to make some space for them by moving past some current ones. I will never leave a connection in the dust, but I will re-prioritize where I put my effort. If you hope to start a new romantic connection, you might need to prioritize passion and deprioritize plutonic. If you want a new business relationship, you might have to prioritize professional connections. The beauty of a new moon in Gemini is duality, so you can keep them all, but how you spend your time with them may change.


A new beginning for your health, habits, and work is here—if you are willing to embrace it. You like your structures and routines; because you’re a Capricorn, why would you throw out so many hours of hard work and dedication? You might find, however, that recently, the way you approach your regularity might not be as beneficial as it was in the past. With all this Gemini influence, you may be more distracted and scattered right now, so take some time to look at how you spend your days and the efficiency of your actions. When you couple this knowledge with your goals, you can better prioritize how and where you spend your time. The Gemini influence might make you want to be a multitasking fiend, so check everything on your plate before getting a second helping of food.


If you have been waiting for a pick-me-up, the universe will slingshot you into happiness. But you must let it. Your creativity and inspiration are experiencing an upswing right now, allowing you to step back into the world and find new passions by learning beyond what you have become accustomed to recently. Additionally, you might find that you are becoming more flirtatious and desiring a flare of passion in your day. You are naturally humanitarian, which can often get you fixated on what everyone else is doing, but I am permitting you to be selfish around this new moon. Determine what makes you the happiest, and don’t limit it to one thing. Start to plan for how you want to let that flow naturally into your life more regularly. This is a great time to remember what joy and pleasure look like for you.


With a renewed sense of your needs, you will find that this new moon helps you to build connections with your family unit. Family can be brutal, regardless of your situation, and the new moon reminds you to see things from another perspective. This is not to say you have to make the family perspective your own, but you might find yourself compelled to build paths to closure by connecting with your loved ones and trying to understand why they think the way they do. This new moon can develop a sense of comfort by helping you see that family takes many forms, and you can build safe and emotionally fulfilling connections when you let yourself communicate your needs. Talk to that core circle during this time to ensure they understand what you need.

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