Jeremy Allen White Just Kicked Off White Sneaker Season

Every time you see a photo of Jeremy Allen White, he’s doing one of three things. He’s either wearing an impeccably-tailored suit by the likes of Giorgio Armani or Hermès, wrestling with a very rustic bouquet at the farmer’s market, or—and this one’s our favorite—walking around New York City in a torched pair of white sneakers. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when, over the weekend, we saw a photo of him doing exactly that. Except the sneakers in question kind of threw us for a loop.

On Sunday morning, The Bear star was spotted on the streets of Tribeca in his go-to casual uniform. Up top, he rocked his favorite New Era baseball cap and a classic white tee layered beneath a blue striped shirt and a very workwear-y denim jacket. Down below, he opted for navy trousers with artfully rolled cuffs. The sneakers anchoring them, though, were decidedly not junked; in fact, they appeared to be brand new.


Cortez 23 Premium Sneaker

The surprises mostly end there. Because, as per usual, our guy was wearing the Nike Cortez, a legendary silhouette first introduced in the ‘70s that mercifully hasn’t changed much since. (That signature rounded toe and toothy midsole aren’t going anywhere.) The Cortez doesn’t garner as much buzz some of its counterparts in the Swoosh catalog, but it can be surprisingly tricky to track down—especially in Jeremy Allen White’s preferred color. “My favorite shoes are the Nike Cortez, specifically white-on-white,” he said in a 2022 interview with British GQ. “They just stopped making white-on-white. It’s really crazy. I feel like it’s a popular shoe—not just in my house, but you know, all over the place.”

Well, we’ve got great news for the JAW household: Nike recently re-released the all-white version, and though it’s technically a women’s sneaker, there are plenty of sizing options for the fellas. We suggest you nab a pair before the internet’s favorite chef-turned-underwear-model buys up all the inventory himself.

This story originally appeared on British GQ with the title ‘Jeremy Allen White is revving the Nike Cortez up for a second coming’.

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