Jennifer Lopez Made a Bennifer Movie, Looks Like

Get your extra-large cup of Dunkin ready and have your cigs handy, because the movie of Bennifer’s love story, round two, is on the way. Jennifer Lopez this morning released the first teaser for This Is Me…Now, a movie companion to her album of the same name, both of which are due out on February 16.

And while we don’t get a Ben Affleck appearance in this brief look at the film—nor a recreation of the “Jenny from the Block” video, sadly—it’s very evident that this is all about how happy she is in her current marriage to the man who gave us Air, Argo, and one million classic paparazzi photos. Alas, Affleck didn’t direct the film—that job went to veteran music video helmer Dave Meyers—but he does share a writing credit with Lopez and Matt Walton. This is not a one-sided version of their romance. It’s a true collaboration.

The footage opens with Lopez sitting in a palatial room—would she be anywhere else?—intoning, “When I was a little girl, when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. My answer was always, In love.” As an apparently rain-soaked Lopez pines, we see an image of a letter burning in the fireplace: “Life’s tough but you’re sweet,” it begins. It’s dated 2002, which is around the time she and Affleck first got together on the set of the movie Gigli. (Gobble gobble.)

After that very dramatic opening we get a rush of clips featuring Lopez doing Singin’ in the Rain cosplay, dancing in a wedding sequence, and working in some sort of factory. It’s all described in the press release as a “narrative-driven, intimate, reflective, sexy, funny, fantastical and highly visual musical reimagining of her publicly scrutinized love life.” Frankly, that sounds incredible. But, also, there better be some tributes to Dunkin Donuts in there or we’re calling inaccuracy. We’ll find out when it streams on Prime Video around Valentine’s day, of course.

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