Japan-based Akita dog society adopts blockchain to combat forgery

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A Japan-based Akita dog society has started issuing digital pedigree certificates on a blockchain network in a bid to enhance convenience and authenticity for dog owners.

The Akita Inu Preservation Society, a Japan-based dog society, has embraced blockchain technology to issue digital pedigree certificates for the prized Akita dog breed in an effort to combat forgery and streamline administrative processes.

According to a report from Japan Today, the initiative is developed in collaboration with the local IT firm called Meta Akita Inc. and U.S.-based Heirloom Inc., the society aims to enhance authenticity and convenience for dog owners.

In a commentary to the media outlet, a spokesperson for the Odate-based dog society said the decision to utilize blockchain came after its overseas membership increased from about 300 people in 2022 to around 500 in 2023. Coupled with the rapid expansion, reports of forged pedigree documents in China prompted the adoption of blockchain.

“In addition to the convenience of digitalization, we hope that owners will also have peace of mind in knowing that their dog is purebred.”

Society board member Yuki Shoji

Now, the dog society wants to address logistical hurdles by digitizing document management during transit. The revamped issuance process, accessible through the society’s website and a dedicated smartphone app, is expected to make certificate delivery faster and reassure owners about their dogs’ pedigrees.

The capability of blockchain to transparently track transactions has been considered one of its fundamental use cases for quite some time. In 2021, India’s Maharashtra, one of the most industrialized states in the country, adopted LegitDoc, an Ethereum blockchain-powered system developed by Bangalore-based tech company Crossforge Solutions Pvt Ltd, to issue digital diploma certificates in a move aimed to combat certificate forgery cases.

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