Is Your Family Business Dealing With Change? Here’s How to Lead Your Team

As a family business leader, you will likely face times when you need to lead your team through a major change – whether it’s a transition of leadership, implementation of a new software platform, expanding into new markets, products, or services, or something you can’t even imagine today. Your moment will come, and you should be ready for it.

Change is never easy, but it can move your business ever closer to the prosperity zone. Here are some ideas that will help.

How Culture Affects Change Management

Culture is essential for change management. Companies that build a culture of innovation and experimentation will be most successful when it comes to implementing meaningful change.

In this type of culture, the organization is constantly stretching and developing its change muscles. In a culture that supports change, experimentation and trying to do the work better are the norm. Team members know how to ask questions. They know to expect hiccups with new initiatives. They’re emotionally equipped to deal with any barriers that arise. They also tend to be more patient with the change process and dedicated to getting it right.

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You serve your family business well by creating and supporting an overall culture that’s accepting of change. This creates a strong foundation to work with when you need to initiate major change projects.

Tips for Effectively Managing a Major Change

  • As you begin a major change initiative, you may find the following steps helpful:
  • Start with a gut check
  • Prepare your team
  • Involve your team in implementation
  • Accentuate the “why”
  • Listen
  • Plan for regression
  • Walk the talk

For a closer look at how each one of these practices can play out in your business, read Brandi Marek’s original post on the Ferguson Alliance page here.

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