Is Walton Goggins Entering His Style God Era?

From The Righteous Gemstones and Justified to that one truly great episode of Community, Walton Goggins has long stolen just about any scene he appears in. That was the case again at the Gotham TV Awards in New York City earlier this week, where Goggins had picked up a nomination for his turn as the disfigured Ghoul in Fallout. On this particular occasion, however, it wasn’t his esteemed character acting turning heads—it was his fit.

Goggins pulled up to the event in a louche silk-knit tank and sharp black double-breasted suit by Etro. Finished with some slinky gold jewelry and a sick pair of boots, the ensemble was sleek and undeniably sexy—the very definition of red-carpet cool, especially alluring on a man whose onscreen work usually tends toward the dirt-caked and grimy. He looked so effortlessly chic, in fact, that we couldn’t help but wonder: Have we been sleeping on the notion of Walton Goggins, low-key style god?

Gilbert Carrasquillo

This isn’t the first time Goggins has rocked an impressive ensemble of late, either. At a special Fallout screening last month, Goggins wore this breezy checked sport coat with high-waisted white trousers and loafers, basically the ideal outfit for a summer’s day on the Amalfi coast. And a couple of weeks back, he wore a double-breasted cream blazer over black trousers at a press event—another combination that exudes easy Italian panache.

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Goggins, in a crisp all-white linen ensemble, with his wife Nadia Conners at this year’s SXSW.

Mat Hayward

It’s always fun when a universally beloved figure like Goggins takes an elite leap forward sartorially. Thankfully, Fallout has already been renewed for a second season—to say nothing of Righteous Gemstones‘s currently-in-production fourth season—so we’ll have plenty more Walton Goggins press tour fits to gag over in the not-too-distant future.

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