Is This $1,300 Tub of La Mer Cream a Crazy Steal?

At GQ Recommends, our finely-honed deals radar has no off switch. It’s a 24/7, 365 operation that beams in regular updates on freaky Scandinavian menswear, cheaper-than-they-should-be Italian sandals, and SoCal-drenched swim trunks. It takes a global coterie of Olympian bargain-hunters to keep it whirring, and it rarely malfunctions.

But when we received its latest dispatch this morning, we thought there was a glitch. There’s no way, we shouted at each other in a tizzy. Ring the IT department immediately! When the lab coats on standby came bursting through the doors a moment later, khakis in a twist and TI-84s flying, we showed them the evidence: A jumbo-size tub of La Mer cream seemed to be on sale, and our resident dewy-skinned discount expert was one more slashed zero away from an ulcer.

La Mer Moisturizing Cream

But after checking the servers (and fetching our colleague a glass of water), the tech squad confirmed the missive’s veracity: Yes, La Mer’s genre-defining moisturizer is on sale, and yes, even at $1,300, a gargantuan 8.5 oz barrel of it remains a GQ-approved deal.

For those who spend a little less time lurking on the skin care forums, some context: La Mer is the German beauty juggernaut beloved by your one pal with a 16-step nighttime routine, and its moisturizer remains a hero product. La Mer cream first hit the market in 1965, and in the decades since, its skin-firming, wrinkle-buffing, and pore-shrinking bona fides have made it a perennial best-seller—despite the ludicrous price tag. In other words, it’s exactly the type of product that warrants housing in a tub the size of a small in-suite jacuzzi.

Is $1,300 an objectively absurd amount of money to spend on, uh, anything? Sure. But for menswear-pilled deal-hunters, rationalizing the purchase barely merits brushing up on your calculus. Use it every day and it becomes a no-brainer buy. Which, come to think of it, is precisely why our radar tipped us off. 

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