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Is Crypto Cleaning Up Its Act?

This article argues that markets in crypto-assets such as Bitcoin are maturing. This is partly due to firmer regulation and a greater willingness of crypto-asset creators to accept existing regulation. But there is also evidence that innovative moves by crypto-asset issuers to create new vehicles for investment in crypto-assets have improved price efficiency and market liquidity, making investment in crypto-assets safer for investors.


In January this year the SEC approved spot trading on exchanges of funds invested in Bitcoin, making investment in Bitcoin accessible to ordinary investors. These Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) raise funds through a share issuance to purchase Bitcoins that are then stored in a secure digital vault. The price of the ETF shares, therefore, reflects the dollar price of Bitcoins, and effectively allows ordinary investors to trade in Bitcoins without incurring the custody risks. With this approval, the crypto asset sector is plainly on a path aimed squarely at the financial mainstream.

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