Irina Shayk's Lace Dog Walking Outfit Comes Chloë Sevigny-Approved

Chloë Sevigny shamed virtually all of Manhattan for walking their dogs in Lululemon during a recent interview with Rolling Stone, and it appears as though fellow New Yorker Irina Shayk was taking notes. Today, the model emerged in a dog walking outfit that was definitely not Lululemon.

Now, let’s quickly circle back to Sevigny’s comment before discussing Shayk’s look. “The athleisure and the dogs are taking over, and that’s really unfortunate,” she told the publication, adding “Everybody’s in Lululemon and has a fucking dog and it’s driving me crazy. I’m sorry, dog lovers. There are too many of you.”

Well, someone had to say it.

While Shayk is sticking by dogs, she’s definitely not one for athleisure. The model was spotted out for a stroll with her pooch on Wednesday wearing a vibrant patterned coat that she paired with a casual dose of midday sheer fabric. The model’s longline maxi dress featured lace detailing throughout, a ruffled hemline, and a transparent bodice section. The interesting combination was certainly something only Shayk, or perhaps even Sevigny, could pull off.

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Shayk continued to take her look on quite the styling rollercoaster, finishing things off with chunky sneakers, sleek sunglasses, gold earrings, and a black Hermès bag.

We doubt the Russian beauty would ever walk her dog in any variety of athleisure (much like her supermodel bestie Emily Ratajkowski who turns her outings into semi-photoshoots), so it’s not like she had much to worry about to begin with. Shayk, who once fashioned a five-figure Birkin bag into a carrier for her pup, is much more likely to indulge in something like this sheer pattern moment than she is, say, a pair of spandex leggings.

That’s not to say Sevigny’s comments didn’t ruffle any feathers. One look at the comments under the subsequent articles covering her statement reveals that people, apparently, get very, very defensive over what they choose to walk their dogs in. The Gaurdian even conducted field research where they asked New York dog owners’ opinions of Sevigny’s sentiments. One, who was incidentally wearing Lululemon, said “this is a perfect question for me.” Another mentioned that Sevigny is “always wearing high-low stuff, so she of all people should let us have our Lululemon.” I’d love to hear the Feud actress’ reaction to that one.

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