Investors ‘bag’ Rebel Satoshi as ATOM and XRP show no direction 

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Rebel Satoshi (RBLZ) establishes itself as the saviour of investors with guaranteed returns. 

Cosmos (ATOM) token to continue dipping and fall below $10. Experts predict the XRP price will drop below $0.53. 

With the market caught in a downtrend, the best altcoins like Cosmos (ATOM) and XRP have been struggling as well. On the other hand, savvy investors are looking towards Rebel Satoshi (RBLZ) for guaranteed returns. Let’s understand the factors that make RBLZ the best crypto to invest in ahead of top altcoins like ATOM and XRP. 

Cosmos continues to dip amid market turbulence

The Cosmos token dumped drastically to $10.79 on March 19 as the market corrected after a surge. This dip was reversed quickly as the Cosmos token rose by nearly 19% to $12.84 on March 27. However, as the market has again been caught up in turbulence, the Cosmos has faced a dip. 

As of April 4, the Cosmos token was down by 13.5% to reach $11.10. While the ATOM price fought with market volatility, the Cosmos ecosystem continued to expand. For example, the Leap Elements built on the Cosmos network was introduced on March 22. The Lorenzo Protocol was integrated into the Cosmos interchain on March 26. 

Despite these and other developments, experts are bearish on Cosmos. They predict the Cosmos token to drop below $10 in the coming months.

XRP drops below $0.60 as SEC demands nearly $2 billion

After correcting with the market in mid-March, the XRP token dropped to $0.57 on March 21. This drop in the XRP price was halted as it rose with the market to $0.65 on March 26, with a bounce of 14%. However, with the market dipping again and turning volatile, the XRP price has been on a downtrend. 

On April 4, the XRP price was down by 12.3% to $0.57. A couple of factors contributed to the XRP drop which included a 500 million token unlock on April 1. Another factor was the SEC demanding nearly $2 billion in fees and penalties from Ripple in its ongoing legal battle. 

Due to these factors, the outlook for the XRP token is bearish in the coming months. Experts foresee a drop below $0.53 for the XRP token. 

Investors see Rebel Satoshi as the gateway for guaranteed gains

Amid a turbulent market, the innovative memecoin project, Rebel Satoshi, has emerged as the investor’s saviour. Rebel Satoshi is inspired by Guy Fawkes and Satoshi Nakamoto and is designed to herald a new era of decentralization. The dual token economy of Rebel Satoshi is driven by its community of Recusant members rising against the elites. 

The $RBLZ and the RECQ tokens are the backbone of the Rebel Satoshi ecosystem. While RBLZ is the membership and governance token, RECQ is the utility and gas token for Rebel Satoshi. The audacious target of Rebel Satoshi is to grow to a market cap of $100 million. Rebel Satoshi raised over $2.5 million during the RBLZ presale where it rallied by 150% from $0.010 to $0.025. 

The RBLZ token was then listed on Uniswap and Coinstore for trading on March 5. The RBLZ token skyrocketed by 1500% to $0.400 on March 6 before getting caught up in market volatility. 

However, savvy investors and experts are confident that the RBLZ token will rise again, driven by its community. Moreover, Rebel Satoshi is conducting the presale of the RECQ token with massive returns guaranteed. Hence, RBLZ and RECQ are being touted as the best cryptos to buy right now. 

To learn more about this project, visit the Rebel Satoshi website or join the community

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