Impello Biosciences Adds Two Biostimulants to Growers’ Toolboxes

Impello Biosciences, a biotechnology company dedicated to improving all aspects of horticulture and agriculture with its scientifically curated line of biostimulants, recently added two products to its lineup of biostimulants: Continuμm and Dune.

Continuμm is a high-performance plant biostimulant designed specifically with large-scale, high-intensity crop growers in mind. As a microbial inoculant, Continuμm comprises a blend of naturally occurring, plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) that improve root development, plant growth, quality, and abiotic stress tolerance through natural processes like enhanced nutrient uptake and water uptake. Continuμm harnesses the power of a potent, refined beneficial bacterial consortium in an easy-to-use package that is compatible in all environments, irrigation systems, and media types, and is suitable for use with all crop types.

It is recommended to start using Continuμm early in the plants’ lifecycle and continuing with weekly applications until crop finish or harvest. It is suitable for use in hydroponic, soilless, soil-based, and field cultivation systems and may be applied as a root drench or foliar spray. It can be used in all types of irrigation systems and in conjunction with normal fertigation practices.

Dune is a bioavailable silicic acid, which promotes plant growth and tolerance to abiotic stress, resulting in improved crop performance and higher yields.

Instantly plant-available and easy to apply, Dune’s unique silicic acid (Si(OH)4) formula provides fast-acting results and long-lasting performance, even when applied at very low application rates. Dune strengthens plant cell walls, promotes upright plant stature, and improves resistance to some abiotic stresses. It is best used as a foliar spray but can also be applied to the root zone. Dune is compatible for use on all crops and is ideal for use on fast-growing annuals and high-value specialty crops. It is best applied frequently with low rates to ensure consistent and prolonged coverage in the plant. Dune is compatible with most fertilizers and other crop inputs as a supplement and does not replace routine practices; it should be used as part of a standard nutrition program.

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