I wasn’t a play-on-the-floor kind of mom–until I found this playmat

I see it all the time on Instagram: other moms quite literally, down on the floor, playing with Legos, blocks, or building elaborate zoos and dollhouses and so on with their kids. While I play with my kids, the last place I like to hang out is flat on a hardwood floor after a long day, especially as a parent with chronic back issues. Then I found a mat that made me change my mind–one which stands out among other playmats and splat mats I’ve tried.

As a product journalist and mom of 5, I received the Totter and Tumble Scout Play Mat because I was attracted to the black and white print, a pattern young babies seem to love. But what I didn’t realize was that this squishy but stable mat would become the center point for my family’s playtime, from my oldest son, age 9 down to my baby, now 9 months old. 

It now occupies space in the busiest room of the house, the living room/kitchen, where it seems to corral some of the stray toys and a small baby piano just by being a station for hanging out with littles. I find myself much more likely to take five minutes while cooking dinner to play with my kids on this mat, as my old achy bones aren’t as achy with it. It’s much more plush than a yoga mat, and feels as good as a fluffy “regular” rug, but it’s much more crawler-friendly.

What makes the Totter and Tumble playmat a stand out?

The mat is superior to others I’ve tried because it comes in multiple helpful sizes that will fit any space, such as a round option, and larger or smaller rectangle options. It has rounded corners that reduce the trip hazard with small kids around. The reversible aspect means that one side or the other will likely match any room you want to move it to. It’s also made of recyclable material that I’m comfortable letting my baby slobber all over and put her mouth on, because it’s free of lots of “nasties” such as BPAs. Plus, it’s much easier to clean than any rug–you just wipe it down like the kitchen table. It has held up to 9 months of wear and tear, and still has no defects, chunks taken out of it, or marks, despite my kids’ best efforts. 

The Scout Play Mat

Totter + Tumble


This reversible half inch squishy mat is awesome for parents who exercise and babies who love tummy time. Prices start at $215

When my kids aren’t around, I sometimes use it as an exercise mat for basic Pilates, stretching, or calisthenics-type exercises. We’ve had it in the playroom, the office, the kitchen, and even in a bathroom for a while, as it’s a super versatile option for any room. I’m definitely not getting rid of it after my babies are walking, because I still want to use it for an exercise mat, or a comfortable place to get down on the floor and read with a toddler or even an older child. It will eventually make its way, I’m sure, to our area with other exercise equipment, where it will serve as the comfiest mat for ab exercises ever, thanks to its thick memory foam construction.

Not sure if it’s right for your space or want a better sense of its feel and thickness? Totter + Tumble also offers a helpful swatch service, where you can purchase a swatch for $10 to envision how the rug will look in your space. They also offer a design guide to help you pick, because it can be tricky to pick between these super fun prints.

So, as a very picky parenting/kid product tester, I’m adding it to my list of must-have floor coverings, along with the Etta Loves playmat which has similar color schemes, and a “Magic Carpet” which is a totally washable rug. Here’s to products that encourage toddlers and preteens to get on the floor together, and for moms to take a five-minute time out, even if they fall asleep playing tractors.

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