I tried the Prenuvo scan—and here’s why more moms should consider a preventive MRI

As a mom and the cofounder and CEO of Motherly, I’m no stranger to the complexities of balancing a busy life with the pressing need for self-care—especially when it comes to managing a condition like multiple sclerosis (MS). MRI scans, a routine part of my MS journey, often felt like a daunting mission. So when I learned about Prenuvo’s full-body preventive MRI offering, I wasn’t exactly racing to try it out. But after hearing from friends the peace of mind it provided, I decided to overcome my fears and give it a go.

The Prenuvo scan is intended to provide early insight into your physical health—rather than waiting for symptoms to present themselves. Using the detailed results of your scan, you’re then better equipped to make proactive, informed decisions about your health. And given the fact that one survey found 45% of moms skipped a preventive care appointment in the past year, it could be the jumpstart you need. Just as you take your kids for regular checkups, your own healthcare is equally vital.

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I tried the Prenuvo MRI scan

My Prenuvo MRI scan experience was, in a word, exceptional. I found it refreshingly different from any previous medical experience and incredibly empowering. Scheduling was a breeze and didn’t require a doctor to make a referral. The entire process was swift and the furthest thing from intimidating—qualities I hadn’t previously associated with medical imaging. I was even able to watch Netflix leveraging a mirror in the machine—who knew you could combine a bit of historical drama with cutting-edge health technology? It turned a usually tense experience into something unexpectedly enjoyable.

The scan was astonishingly fast, a far cry from the long, drawn-out procedures I’ve endured in the past. It was the opposite of intimidating—a phrase I never thought I’d use to describe an MRI. There’s a certain kind of magic in finding healthcare that respects not only your time but your mental health as well. 

And the follow-up was just as impressive. My results were in my hands within 48 hours—quicker than expected. The Prenuvo app is a breeze to navigate—so much so that more than a few friends have since had a view of my brain and kidneys at dinner parties! 

The nurse who discussed my results with me was both knowledgeable and compassionate, providing the clarity and guidance I needed to understand the results and my health better. Two minor items were flagged for follow-up, which I’ve since taken to my primary doctor. But the overarching sentiment I was left with was relief. Relief that comes from deep knowledge and the assurance that I’m not overlooking anything crucial in my health.

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It’s an investment—but a worthwhile one

A Prenuvo scan costs between $1,000 to $2,500. It’s definitely an investment—one I recognize not all can afford. For me, especially with my medical history, I feel it’s an investment worth making in the same way I invest in my family and business. As you may have heard me say, mothers are the foundation of society, and we must be thriving for our families and communities to thrive.

As a company, Prenuvo wholeheartedly supports this and is extending a $300 discount for Motherly readers. Every mom deserves the chance to feel as informed and at ease as I do now.

However, it’s important to note that a Prenuvo scan may not be the right choice for everyone. As with any medical procedure, there are various factors to consider, such as your medical history, current health status and specific needs. It’s always recommended to consult with your healthcare provider to determine if this type of preventive scan is suitable for you.

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If it is an option for you, I think you’ll find it efficient, thorough, and hopefully takes one less worry off your plate. I’ve already scheduled my husband for one this spring as a 40th birthday present!

You’ve got this, mama.

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