Hummer EV SUV overland camper teased from GMC and EarthCruiser

At the end of March this year, GMC announced a collaboration with EarthCruiser. The automaker’s Hummer team would work with the Oregon overlanding company’s research and design division to develop an upfit for EVs, initially integrated into the Hummer EV pickup. For those not familiar with EarthCruiser, they’ve made wild overlanding vehicles like the Terranova, FX and EXP, pretty rad and pretty expensive stuff. The preview back then was a shadowy render that looked much like the silhouette of the Hummer SUV thanks to the living quarters slid into the pickup bed. The most apparent changes were solar panels integrated into the roof, and a cargo bay on the side of the slide-in. The duo’s just put a much better tease on Instagram revealing the campfire-lit outline of what this version of an overland Hummer will look like.

EarthCruiser is known for its pop-up roofs. This looks like a choice execution here, with near 360-degree visibility and integrated LEDs. Also, dig what looks like a platform off the back of the rig. We’re going to guess that’s either a slide-out or the rear flap on the camper top locked into the raised position. The cargo boxes on the side look neat, we look forward to finding out how they work and what they store. We also wonder if they’ll be optional and whether they extend beyond the wheel arches, making a really wide pickup truck even wider. 

We’re not sure it will be “every overlander’s dream,” but we are sure some stargazers are going to have some very sweet dreams in it. Slated for debut this month, look for it at Overland Expo Mountain West in Colorado, the same place the GMC Canyon AT4X OverlandX made its public debut in 2021, and where in Arizona last year the GMC showed the Sierra’s outdoor potential with an Ultimate Overland Vehicle built on the Sierra 1500 AT4X. 

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