How to get a replacement car title

Losing the title to your car is an easy thing to do if you’re not diligent about where you store vital documents. It’s just a piece of paper, and while we’re in the age of digital everything, your proof of ownership of your car is spelled out on this simple sheet. Thankfully, getting a car title replacement is possible in all 50 states, but the method of replacement will vary. If you plan on selling, transferring ownership or registering your vehicle in another state, you’re going to need the title.

So, how do you get a replacement vehicle title? Rules vary from state to state, which is why we’ve provided a state-by-state list of links for you below. Each will take you to the associated Secretary of State or Department of Licensing website or application to replace a stolen car title or lost car title where they explain what to do in such a situation. Some of them might have online solutions to guide you through, while others might require you to physically visit an office. Regardless of the method, there is at least a solution to the problem.

How to get a replacement car title in all 50 states


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