How Superegg Founder Erica Choi Uses Eggs for Glowy, Glassy Skin

When Erica Choi was young, she’d watch the women in her family apply different parts of raw eggs to their faces during trips to the neighborhood jjimjilbang, or the Korean sauna. “I was amazed at the results they produced,” Choi, who is the founder of the skincare brand Superegg, told me recently. The esthetician-slash-graphic designer (she was most recently vice president of digital design at Barneys) learned that using egg in skincare came from a long line of Asian beauty practices dating back to the first millennium, from egg white masks used by royalty to sumo wrestlers applying eggshell membranes on their wounds to promote healing. Dalgyal, or “egg” in Korean, was Choi’s childhood nickname, referencing the shape of her face. And in 2020, Choi launched her wellness-first, vegan skincare brand, which draws heavily from traditional Korean beauty philosophies and the egg’s nutritional value for the skin.

But there’s more to the North New Jersey native’s trajectory: she graduated with a BFA in graphic design from the Rhode Island School of Design, then also completed 600 hours of training at the Aveda Institute to become a licensed esthetician. After years of hearing people’s skin concerns and providing recommendations, the New York City-based entrepreneur felt compelled to develop a skincare solution that balanced gentleness with effectiveness.

After successfully launching in Japan last year, Superegg will be releasing a slate of new products soon—and Choi has her sights set on Korea for even more stockists this summer. I spoke with Choi about her self-care rituals, nourishing her inner-self, and how she gets her skin so egg-like.

Superegg is 100 percent vegan and clean, even though your products are formulated to match the nutritional value of an egg, which is mostly recognized as a non-vegan product. Why was it important for your brand to remain vegan and clean?

We decided to create a “next generation” of egg-based skincare products because of a growing awareness of animal welfare issues with allergens, diseases, and preservatives associated with traditional egg-based formulations, as well as environmental concerns. So we wanted to retain the beneficial properties of eggs while maintaining eco-conscious principles.

As we delved into the unique properties of different parts of the egg—such as the egg white, yolk, and eggshell membrane—we realized the potential to harness each part’s specific benefits for skincare. We created “egg duplexes,” where each egg component is matched with a powerful plant-based equivalent. The products provide solutions suitable for the most sensitive skin types, even for those with egg allergies.

Are there certain aspects of Asian beauty philosophy that you find most important?

The memories of my family treating their skin are still integral to my daily routine, because they reflect the preventative approach to skincare emphasized in Korean beauty. I’ve learned the importance of consistently caring for my skin every day rather than trying to “fix” it after exposure to the sun or when it feels dry. In Korean culture, skincare isn’t viewed as a luxury or a chore, but rather as an essential practice akin to personal hygiene. Having witnessed firsthand the effectiveness of these practices, I want to share this approach to skincare with others through Superegg with a modernized version of incorporating eggs into our daily skincare rituals!

What are your holy-grail skincare products?

Superegg’s Vitamin Collective Vitality Elixir and my ZIIP Halo.

Do you have a favorite product from the Superegg line, then?

They are like my children, I can’t pick favorites! But I am particularly excited about our latest addition, Pure Transparency Treatment Essence, which launches today. We’ve gone through countless iterations to create a product that gives maximum hydration to make the skin smooth and supple. It’s infused with 8D hyaluronic acid, galactomyces ferment filtrate, and cica peptide, which is the best of all worlds—at least, when it comes to essence. It has truly transformed my skin—imagine the feeling of cracking open a hard-boiled egg, revealing that smooth, bouncy sheen.

If someone is looking to try one Superegg product, which would you suggest?

This Moment Hand Care is the perfect introduction to Superegg.

Walk me through your daily skincare routine in the morning.

I start my morning skincare routine with our Superegg Gentle Elements Cleansing Foam to remove excess oil, sweat, and other microbes that accumulated overnight. It’s great because it’s very gentle on my skin. Then I tap our new Superegg Pure Transparency Treatment Essence into my skin as my first hydration step under our Superegg Vitamin Collective Vitality Elixir, which is an antioxidant-rich brightening serum. I love using Superegg Phyto Bounce Eye Contour Solution in the morning—its light texture sinks in quickly before I massage the Superegg Sound Renewal Serum Cream, my dream moisturizer, into my skin.

All daytime skincare routines should end with sunscreen, and my current favorite is the House of Dohwa Rice Bran Sunscreen. And if I’m going outside, I never leave the house without spritzing on perfume. My go-to right now is Hermès Un Jardin sur le Toit.

What about at night?

In the evenings, I follow a skincare routine that begins with a double cleanse with Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover, followed by Superegg Gentle Elements Cleansing Foam. Some nights, I’ll incorporate our Superegg Calm Movements Eye & Cheek Mask or immediately spray Superegg Kind Atmosphere Biome Mist to soothe and support my skin barrier.

Superegg’s Tonal Scenery Reparative Serum is my nightly all-in-one serum. I’ve also been incorporating retinol into my routine—I’ve been using the IOPE Retinol Expert 0.1%. If my skin feels particularly dry, I finish with Furtuna Skin Biphase Moisturizing Oil or La Prairie Nighttime Oil. Before bed, I’ll use our Superegg This Moment Hand Care to keep my hands soft and hydrated throughout the night.

Is there one piece of beauty advice you think everyone should follow?

Tending to your external self is important, but I believe in nurturing your inner self, too! It’s all about adopting a holistic approach that extends beyond skincare. Dedicating time to even a simple self-care ritual can enhance an overall sense of well-being and unveil a radiant glow. Personally, engaging in self-nourishment has brought me comfort and confidence, particularly during challenging times. I’ve been listening to my body, getting adequate rest, and indulging in nourishing foods and experiences, and I find them all to be invaluable practices. They are all truly worth the investment.

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