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How Companies Can Build Trustworthy AI Assistants

The journey of the AI assistant is already well underway. We’re seeing the evolution to agent take shape in three phases: assistant, concierge, and agent. This evolution is exciting and promises to make our lives much easier — eliminating mundane tasks and helping us become more productive. But anyone who has ever had an assistant knows that the relationship only works if there is trust. The authors explore what can go wrong with autonomous agents, and how companies can deploy them responsibly.

AI assistants have been sitting in our pockets (e.g., Siri) and our homes (e.g., Alexa) for years. And as AI becomes more powerful thanks to much-talked-about large language models (LLMs) and less-talked-about large action models (LAMs), it’s possible for these assistants to become agents — proactively completing entire flows of tasks on your behalf.

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