to launch $1 billion marketing campaign at the Super Bowl

When the Super Bowl kicks off on Monday, February 12, eyes won’t just be on the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, but the epic real estate ads.

The property portal will use the massive sporting event, which last year drew more than 115 million viewers, to launch the biggest real estate marketing campaign ever.

In a video campaign to promote the upcoming $1 billion marketing onslaught, said it was “time to get excited”.

“The biggest marketing campaign in real estate is on and the results will be electrifying,” the clip on YouTube screams.

The campaign is said to all be in aid of super powering agents’ success.

“ is supercharging your success with over $1 billion invested to drive 80 billion impressions, reaching more than 90 per cent of households, to generate millions and millions of visits.”

Actors Dan Levy and Heidi Gardner will be part of the marketing campaign. Photo: YouTube

The Zillow and has also splashed the cash to enlist actors such as Dan Levy and Heidi Gardner as part of the campaign.

In the teaser video, Gardner can be seen and heard calling out ‘It’s a lovely neighbourhood’ to a man playing chess in a park as strong winds buffet the area.

“Celebrity superstars like Dan Levi, Heidi Gardner and a few other special guests are spreading the word for you,” the video clip teases.

“ will be in homes everywhere.

“Home buyers will see us on top networks, Prime TV, streaming platforms, digital radio and beyond including, NBC, Fox, Disney, CBS, Max, Paramount, Hulu, YouTube, Pandora, iHeart, your favourite podcasts and more.

“We’re kicking it all off on the biggest advertising stage in America, with four Super Bowl ads.”

Screen Shot 2024 02 09 at 11.36.06 am will launch a $1 billion marketing campaign at the Super Bowl. Photo: YouTube said it would also take the campaign to the Oscars, the Grammys, March Madness, the Olympics, the NBA Finals, MLB Allstars, the Stanley Cup playoffs and more.

“(It’s) all to help agents like you amplify demand for your listings and close more deals,” the video declares.

“Home buyers couldn’t miss this if they tried.”

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