Highlights From Greenhouse Grower’s November 2023 Issue

From root zone management to summer field trial results, there was a lot of information to cover in Greenhouse Grower’s November 2023 issue. Check out the slideshow above for a closer look at the top stories (links to each story are included in the photo gallery and below).

Highlights From This Year’s 2023 Summer Field Trials

Check out some of the best-performing varieties from grower and university field trials from 2023.

Best Practices For Root Zone Management in the Greenhouse

We talked to some growers from our Top 100 Growers list about their best management practices and the importance of paying attention to the root zone, as well as crucial areas to look at.

Allan Armitage on Why You Can’t Stop a Grower From Succeeding

Peat Supply Update: Why Communication Is Key

With a peat harvest below projections in Canada, suppliers advise growers to order early and keep in touch.

The Search Continues for New Options in Soilless Substrates

Growers are looking for alternative types of growing media, and scientists are hard at work to find new solutions.

The Basics of Effective Greenhouse Light Management

Light measurement, including the right type of light, is a key factor in plant health.

Turning Up the Heat on Greenhouse Radishes

Although radishes are known as a cool crop, they have strong potential when grown in a warmer environment.

Allan Armitage on Why You Can’t Stop a Grower From Succeeding

The most important ingredient in what we accomplish is not the plant or the structure, nor the trends. It is, of course, the people.

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