Highlights From Greenhouse Grower’s July 2023 Issue

From greenhouse automation to breeding plants for drought tolerance, there was a lot of information to cover in Greenhouse Grower’s July 2023 issue. Check out the slideshow above for a closer look at the top stories (links to each story are included in the photo gallery and below).

Cover Story: Four Trends Driving Greenhouse Technology and Automation

We asked growers, suppliers, and others from across the controlled-environment industry about the key factors affecting innovation in greenhouse production today. Here’s what they had to say.

Stress Management Techniques for Begonias in the Greenhouse

Lighting, fertilizer, moisture, and plant growth regulators can all affect begonia flowering. Here’s how to manage them.

New Management Guide for Greenhouse Floriculture and Herbaceous Ornamentals

Cultivar Selection Is Key to Radish Production

When growing hydroponic radishes, choosing the right variety can make a big difference in production efficiency and yield.

Carex Trials Show Versatility in Shade, Sun, and Soil

Mt. Cuba Center’s four-year Carex trials show how the species adapt to their environment and thrive outside of their comfort zone.

Greenhouse Pepper Update: New Varieties, Proven Production Tips

Breeders and suppliers present their latest greenhouse pepper varieties, and advice on how to grow them the right way.

Grow Water-Wise Plants Without Compromising Quality

Learn how two companies are focusing on drought tolerance in crops as much as beauty.

Allan Armitage on Coleus: A Look Back, and a Look Forward

“I have been wanting to chat about coleus for some time now. As it turns out, I recently happened upon two very special cultivars within an hour of each other at CAST.”

Greenhouse Growers Seek Higher Efficiency in Boilers

Experts from BioTherm and Westbrook offer advice on selecting the best boiler for your greenhouse operation.

Nanotechnology: Coming to a Greenhouse Near You

Nanotechnology can offer a range of potential benefits, from improved nutrient uptake to lighting efficacy.

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