Highlights From Greenhouse Grower’s February 2024 Issue

From crop protection to holiday crops, there was a lot of information to cover in Greenhouse Grower’s February 2024 issue. Check out the slideshow above for a closer look at the top stories (links to each story are included in the photo gallery and below). You can also find a digital version of the issue here.

Cover Story: Why Plantpeddler’s Industry-First Approach Is a Model for All Growers

From variety trials to industry advocacy, learn why the team at this Iowa growing operation understands that when there’s more awareness of horticulture, the whole industry wins.

There Are Endless Careers in Horticulture, And They’re Not All Plant-Focused

Although some jobs require working with plants, many do not. Here’s a deep dive on other career paths in horticulture.

Registration Now Open for the 2024 Perennial Plant Association National Symposium

Why Your Greenhouse Might Be at Risk of a Cyberattack

Learn how two growing operations faced this harsh reality, how they handled the situation, and what they learned.

IPM Programs Are on the Rise in Greenhouses

Growers are using a mix of conventional chemistries and biosolutions to eliminate pests and diseases. With that comes a need for more education. Learn more here.

Greenhouse Crop Protection: New Biosolutions Are Here, and More Are Coming

Suppliers note that growers are seeking and welcome new, innovative biological control products that are effective and safe.

Best Practices for Growing Garden Mums and Pot Mums

Whatever your mum program is, it’s important to refine your production practices. Learn more here.

Allan Armitage on Why the Spring Shoulder Is a Time of Pleasant Anticipation

Those in-between times in our world of plants, early spring and early fall, are also the times when consumer start to get excited about their gardens.

Holidays Crops Offer a Twist

In addition to poinsettias, consumers are looking for unique colors and combinations for their holiday décor.

How Drones Are Being Used in and Above the Greenhouse

Drones have various uses in the greenhouse, including pest management, applying shading compound, and monitoring plant growth.

A Fresh Look at Earth-to-Air Heat Transfer

While ground-air-heat-transfer greenhouses are already in use, University of Guelph is researching how these will perform in various locations.

Pink, Patterns Among Biggest Trends at 2023 Poinsettia Trials

Although red will always be a classic, poinsettias that are pink or speckled received rave reviews this year.

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