Highlights From Greenhouse Grower’s April 2024 Issue

From perennials to data management, there was a lot of information to cover in Greenhouse Grower’s April 2024 issue. Check out the slideshow above for a closer look at the top stories (links to each story are included in the photo gallery and below). You can also find a digital version of the issue here.

Cover Story: Teamwork Drives Success at Babikow Greenhouses

This fifth-generation family business, which will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2025, is proud to offer top-tier customer service and honor the family legacy.

10 Consumer Trends Driving the Perennials Market

Want to sell more perennials? Take advantage of these trends highlighted by leading growers and breeders.

Video of the Week: How Biocontrol Failures Happen

How Data Drives Greenhouse Production

Learn how artificial intelligence empowers growers to fine-tune greenhouse conditions.

Tips and Tricks for Perennials Production

Growers at Walters Gardens and Willoway Nurseries share their best practices for perennials programs.

How The Perennial Farm Navigates New Trends in Perennials

Focusing on native pollinators and listening to what consumers want helps this operation stay proactive and informed.

What Are the Biggest Trends in Perennials Varieties in 2024? Find Out Here

We reached out to growers and breeders to learn what production trends people in the perennial plant industry are seeing.

Allan Armitage on the Trifecta of Pollinators, Natives, and Deer Resistance

In his latest column, Dr. A notes that these three trends have been around for so long, a curious trend is evolving. They are morphing into a megatrend.

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