Helio revamps crypto payments for Shopify with Solana Pay

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Helio has launched a new Solana Pay plugin to bring cryptocurrency payments to millions of Shopify merchants.

The Web3 payments firm announced the update on Thursday, noting that enhanced features now offer broader token support, improved loyalty programs and smooth integration for users.

Helio launches upgraded Solana Pay plugin

According to Helio, the current unique active wallets count stands at over 350,000, with more than 5,000 merchants.

The update to the Solana Pay plugin is therefore a development that could see millions of Shopify merchants easily accept crypto payments across hundreds of crypto assets.

With the upgrade, Shopify merchants using the Solana Pay plugin can now accept crypto, tapping into real-time conversion and settlement via stablecoins. These include Circle’s USDC and EURC and PayPal’s PYUSD. The plugin also supports Ondo Finance’s tokenized note USDY.

Solana Pay also integrates with top wallets such as Phantom, Solfire, Coinbase and OKX.

Helio believes the update has the capacity to help “onboard millions of merchants to crypto commerce,” completely transforming e-commerce payments.

Improvements to the user experience and enhancement of customer loyalty programs are a crucial aspect of this growth. Solana stands out as the blockchain network ideal for this trajectory.

“Crypto holders represent a rapidly growing global consumer segment, with over 100M active wallets. Solana, with its low fees and fast transactions, is ideal for consumer payments,” Stijn Paumen, co-founder & CEO of Helio, said. “

“Shopify merchants can now easily reach this audience by installing Solana Pay in a few simple clicks to accept USDC and hundreds of other digital assets at low fees. Enabling the largest e-commerce platform to accept faster-than-card crypto payments is a significant step towards the mass adoption of crypto payments,” Paumen added.

Merchants tapping into low-fee crypto payments

Adoption for the plugin has increased amid growth in the Web3 payments industry, particularly within the stablecoins market. Now fresh interest could spike with the update allowing for advanced features such as NFTs, loyalty programs and receipts and tickets.

Solana Pay, which allows Shopify merchants to accept low-fee crypto payments (0.75% fee), saw nearly $50 million in transactions in its previous version.

According to Helio, the transactions cut across 200 stores, with merchants saving more than $1 million in fees.

Brands that are already using the new Solana Pay plugin include Helium Mobile and FSL (STEPN GO, MOOAR).

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