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Hartford Art School Celebrates Resident Artist Jonathan Herrera Soto in Solo Exhibition

Twice the Legal Minute, on view through March 23 at the University of Hartford’s Joseloff Gallery, celebrates resident artist Jonathan Herrera Soto. The show explores the process of printmaking as an animate metaphor to discern the stakes of mistranslation, plausibility, and solitude.

Jonathon Herrera Soto is the 2023–24 Georgette and Richard Koopman Distinguished Chair in the Visual Arts, an annual artist-in-residency program that invites prominent artists to teach at the Hartford Art School. During his tenure as the 2023–24 Koopman Chair in the Printmaking Department, Herrera Soto taught classes designed to prioritize the process of experimentation and play, focusing on collecting the misprints, which are often mistranslated in attempts to render an idea manifest. His pedagogical approach focuses on the little things: sketches, mistakes, uncertainties, and unfinished thoughts — an archive from which we learn and grow.

The artist’s solo exhibition in the Joseloff Gallery at the University of Hartford brings together objects, memories, and systems that exist on the periphery of society to explore the visual language of accumulation, debris, and neglect. This exploration plays out at the scale of individual artworks — in the treatment of rust as paint, for example — and in the gallery at large through Herrera Soto’s distinctive approach to arranging installations. Akin to the layering of information that is fundamental to printmaking, the lessons to be drawn from Herrera Soto’s praxis are many, from the stakes of (mis)translation to plausibility as a survival strategy.

The exhibition and associated programming are made possible by the Georgette and Richard Koopman Distinguished Chair in the Visual Arts fund held by Hartford Art School Endowment, Inc.

Twice the Legal Minute is on view through March 23 in the Joseloff Gallery at the University of Hartford in Hartford, Connecticut. Additional programming details, including an artist talk and a lunch and learn series, are listed on the gallery website.

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