Harcourts welcomes top talent from South Africa

Pauline Hareb is looking to bring a fresh perspective to Harcourts SA.

The Announcement:

Pauline Hareb has moved from one Harcourts SA to another, emigrating from South Africa to South Australia to take up the position of Harcourts SA Business Operations Manager.

A specialist in communication and genuine relationship management, Mrs Hareb worked for a number of top real estate agencies in South Africa, including Harcourts Maynard Burgoyne, in Cape Town.

“It’s fantastic to have Pauline back in blue at Harcourts South Australia,” Harcourts SA Chief Executive Officer Rachel Eckey said.

“She is that rare combination of technical and personable that we look for – she’s got the skills, but also the real-world experience to bring them to life for our people.

“We are thrilled to have someone with this level of experience and genuine care joining our support team, and are confident that Pauline’s dedication will propel Harcourts SA to new heights.”

Mrs Hareb began her career in marketing and promotions, before moving into real estate in 2011.

Finding her niche, she quickly rose to an agency manager position.

There, she focused on developing and implementing training programs, and mentoring and assisting agents with negotiating deals, acquiring financing and completion of agreements.

She was also responsible for overseeing marketing and the advertising of brand and property listings.

“I’m passionate about innovative media and exciting brand and marketing initiatives,” Mrs Hareb explained.

“I look forward to contributing to the growth and success of Harcourts SA by bringing fresh perspectives and driving strategic advancements.”

Harcourts Australia Head of Business Operations Kyrstie Nolan said this was a pointed step forward for Harcourts SA.

“Pauline’s exceptional background and her forward-thinking approach to real estate operations and marketing will enhance our service offering and strengthen our position in the market,” she said.

Harcourts SA continues to demonstrate its commitment to excellence in the real estate sector, with the integration of top-tier international talent such as Mrs Hareb signifying an exciting era of growth and innovation for the company in 2024 and beyond.

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