Harcourts goes global with new ‘We make it possible’ brand position

Harcourts’ new brand position, ‘We make it possible,’ redefines real estate branding by promising to turn dreams into reality.

The Announcement:

Using the string of HX2024 network conferences across South Africa, New Zealand and Australia as its launch platform Harcourts has completed its network rollout of its new brand position, ‘We make it possible’, to a global audience.

This new global direction is a deliberate shift for the brand in the way which real estate brands have traditionally positioned themselves, with the brand creative tapping into the emotional needs state of people searching for their trusted real estate advisor, exploring what it could look like to ‘imagine the possibilities’.

Underpinning the new brand position is the core foundations of the network – from a vision around the network’s relentless pursuit of delivering the finest experience for its clients, business partners and team, to a purpose centred around ‘helping others achieve success’ and backed by both a clear set of values and award-wining recognition from clients who partner with the brand for their needs every day, including the latest ‘most trusted brand in real estate’ from the Readers Digest in NZ, to the recent recognition for Harcourts Australia from Canstar in 2022 as the ‘most trusted real estate brand for buyers and sellers’.

“As a brand position for our business, ‘We make it possible’ is clear, concise, and authentic”, explains Mike Green, Managing Director Harcourts International.

“It pays homage to the sense of hope, opportunity, and belief in the aspirations we all hold dear when it comes to people’s needs and wants from their real estate partner and advisor.”

The launch of this brand position brings to life Harcourts’ core purpose of enabling success for others.

It articulates Harcourts values in a meaningful way that resonates beyond the team members who proudly wear the Harcourts blue.

“The statement embodies our commitment to putting people first, being courageous, diligent, and always doing the right thing. It is an evolution of our brand and business to ensure we remain relevant for today and into the future,” Mr Green said.

“Harcourts has the expertise, work ethic, and a track record of success that provides hope for anyone whose dreams may feel out of reach.

“Our brand promise is straightforward: at Harcourts, we help others achieve success.”

Founded in 1888, Harcourts has grown to become one of the world’s leading real estate service providers, known for its commitment to innovation, customer service, and community engagement.

With a presence in 11 countries, Harcourts continues to lead the way in providing comprehensive real estate services and supporting clients in achieving their property goals.

“This brand position is a line in the sand moment for Harcourts. It’s our public decleration to our unwavering commitment our team has to helping people turn their dreams into reality,” Mr Green said.

“From the moment we meet our clients, we want them to know that no matter what their dreams are, we make it possible.”

To see the brand video, click here.

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