Hannah Waddingham’s 9-year-old daughter added the sweetest touch to her SAG Awards look

As per usual, Hannah Waddingham looked stunning on the red carpet at the 2024 Screen Actor Guild Awards, but her standout style moment came thanks to her daughter, Kitty. The “Ted Lasso” star donned an off-the-shoulder structural red foil gown by Tony Ward Couture for the glam outing, but all eyes were on her purse, a cardboard clutch handmade by the 9-year-old designer-in-training.

Waddingham showed off the fully functional purse, which held all her essentials and had her daughter’s artwork on it. Featuring each color of the rainbow, along with a silver star and the word “epic” written on it, PEOPLE reports that her daughter created the cool clutch herself ahead of her mama’s big night out.

“My daughter wanted to contribute, so she’s made me a bag,” she reportedly told red carpet host Elaine Welteroth. “She said to me, ‘You know Mommy, you don’t need to… you don’t need to take it.’ And I was like, ‘No, it’s going on the red carpet with me.’ Imagine, my stylist was like, ‘Wait what?’”

The 49-year-old also proudly showed off the purse to Entertainment Tonight, explaining why Kitty specifically added rainbow colors in her design. “I love that she was just like, ‘It’s a little one love,’ and she said to me: ‘Mommy it goes with everything and nothing, just like you say,’” Waddingham explained, joking, “That’s a well-trained baby right there.”

And while all the glitz and glam of red carpet life is fun, Waddingham told Welteroth that her top priority is all about mom life. “This is all great but this [being is a mom] is the most important,” she shared.

Waddingham has been candid about juggling her red-hot career and parenthood, telling PEOPLE in October that her “primary function is being a single mama.”

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“Mommy guilt is real, but I keep saying to her that we are a team and that I have to do this,” she told the outlet. “I have to strike while the iron is hot. I’m not so conceited that I would think that I will always have this kind of focus. I’ve always said to her, ‘Mommy must take this time while the light shines on me, because the light shines on you.’”

That same month, the Game of Thrones alum told Glamour UK why she waited until she was 40 to become a mom. While she said that being a “single mother in [her] forties is not easy,” she seems to have no regrets about waiting until the time was right for her to welcome a new little love into her life.

“I wanted to have a child when I was ready and to not resent that child for taking me away from my career,” she said. “I wanted the privilege of motherhood to work in tandem with my career, rather than me thinking, ‘God, you’re stopping me doing things…’ Because the greatest gift in the world is a child and they are complete, beautiful, green innocents.”

“I’m not going to lie, it’s quite exhausting,” she added. “One of the greatest acting jobs in my life is pretending I have energy to my daughter! Honestly, when she says to me, ‘Oh, let’s do this or let’s do that, Mumma,’ my whole body goes, ‘Oh my God, really?’” Truly relatable, indeed.

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