Gunther Werks Touring Turbo Edition Coupe revealed at The Quail with 750 horsepower

Gunther Werks just revealed a hot, new Porsche 911 build at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering. It’s called the Gunther Werks Touring Turbo Edition Coupe, and it’s based on the 993 generation Turbo.

This build is a derivative of the Turbo program that Gunther Werks has already revealed, but it’s even more potent and features a unique design. Instead of the big wing, the Touring model gets a small ducktail rear spoiler – inspired by the 1972 Carrera 2.7 RS – with the hopes of looking more graceful than aggressive. It’s a similar idea as Porsche has with its Touring models.

The air-cooled 4.0-liter twin-turbo flat-six gets a power bump from 700 horses up to 750 horsepower in this car. Gunther Werks says the design of the new wing provides optimal airflow to the engine bay and in turn to the fan keeping that air-cooled flat-six at optimum operating temperatures. A carbon shroud is specifically integrated with the spoiler to create a ram air effect – it’s no surprise that cooling is a hot topic with this amount of power.

The rest of this build is what we already know from the Gunther Werks Turbo car. It’s shifted via a six-speed manual transmission, weighs under 3,000 pounds (thanks to a carbon body), features a bespoke active coilover suspension system and is stopped by big Brembo brakes. If you want one, we suggest you let Gunther Werks know at The Quail, because production will be extremely limited.

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