Gucci’s Latest Fragrances Are Designed to Match Your Mood

Fragrance can be likened to magic in the way that it captures moments in time and seals them up tight in a beautiful bottle. One spritz of scent has the ability to flood the brain with emotion, according to countless studies that show that it elicits more emotions and memories than any other stimuli. With that said, when it comes to selecting a personal fragrance, let your nose guide you to the fragrance that matches the joyful story in your heart… or at least how you’d like to feel.

Gucci’s Flora fragrances are just the that: Each subtly nuanced floral fragrance was designed with mood in mind, each note selected to conjure a specific emotion or state of being. In the lineup you’ll find Flora Gorgeous Gardenia, a potion for happiness with cheerful pear blossom, sunny jasmine absolute, and the delicate sweetness of brown sugar. Then there’s Flora Gorgeous Jasmine, a blend of calming sandalwood, bright mandarin essence, and enveloping magnolia accord, an elixir for peaceful serenity.

The newest floral in the Flora lineup is Flora Gorgeous Magnolia. Cherished for its cheerfulness, strength, and optimism, you’ll find its namesake Magnolia accord at the heart, surrounded by fruity dewberry and grounding patchouli. Like the magnolia flower in bloom, each note opens like a petal to awaken your inner confidence. The beautiful part is that it’s been there all along – this fragrance just brings it out of you.

With fragrances that inspire, it’s natural to want to prolong their longevity. Spritzing them over pulse points — the spots where you can feel your body alive — will keep the notes awake and fresh. That means misting over the sides of your neck, inner wrists, behind your knees, and of course, your heart. To lock the scent in even further, apply a fragrance-free lotion to these areas first, then follow with fragrance: the lotion will act as a sponge for each and every note, sealing them into your skin.

The thing about a personal fragrance is the longer you wear it, the more you and the people in your orbit associate it with your signature scent. And we can’t think of a better signature than one that uplifts, calms, or inspires confidence. All this to say, which Gucci Flora fragrance will you pick to tell your story?

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